King Agu Gets Some Pipe Leakage?

*the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.
that means its 18^

so that show on bravo,
“invite only cabo“,
is over.
i never watched,
but it did hip me on king agu.
i did end up watching him on social media.
a lot.
well one of the f-bi sent me a alleged modelling shot of king agu.
this is allegedly before he got his stomach tatt.
i see he is in the running for “big ass dick” as well…
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King Agu Has The Straight Wolves Testifying To Jesus

my ratchet side would more than “amen” about ^that snack.
so there is a show that everyone has been telling me about.
it’s called “invite only cabo” on bravo.
i saw the previews before i got rid of my cable,
but like most reality shows,
i gave it a “eh”.
well ^that attentionisto,
king agu,
is on the show.
i love to see the attentionistos doing more than their usual.
well now that he is getting noticed,
a big wolf in the gospel community allegedly made his way into is comment box on ig.
this is who and what they allegedy fonted while inside…
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