Learn To Pick Your Battles?

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.28.55 PMi have been getting emails about this whole b scott/bet drama.
it has blown up pretty crazy since that night.
i’m on the fence with this entire issue
here’s why…

bet knew what they were getting into hiring b scott.
so it confuses me that they would take “offense”.
who was working as the head of the segment he was doing?
did they having a personal moment of “wait, thats a man”?
they have a phone and access to google/youtube.
now on the other side of the:

tumblr_mnsg8jPYTk1qe57zmo1_500i have worked behind the scenes on many things in entertainment.
i have seen females and males told to change something or take off something.
in the entertainment industry,
it takes nothing to switch without warning.
they tell you where to stand.
you are reading a cue card most of the time,
they are in control.
b scott was told to change his outfit.
i’m all for “standing up for your rights”,
but he still did the show and got the check.
if he was so hurt and offended,
he wouldn’t have done it.
he also said he wasn’t going to talk about it,
but he got on twitter and started re-tweeting.
then he blogged about it.
okay fine.
he was hurt and offended.
bet knew they were wrong and issued an apology.
they knew better before glaad went operation: “seek and destory”.
today, this is where i did a major eye roll from b scott:

“I want a real apology from BET. This was a not a mutual misunderstanding or miscommunication. I pride myself on being very professional,” he said.
Scott has appeared on BET in the past, typically wearing feminine attire. He said he was supposed to be the sole host commenting on fashion during the pre-show activities but when he showed up, he was physically yanked off the carpet and told that he had to dress more conservatively, and was later paired with singer-actress Adrienne Bailon.
“This was my day to come out in one of the biggest days of my career and I was publically humiliated,” he said. “I’m just hurt by it. I just want people to know that it’s ok to be who you are.”
Still, Scott said he had some supporters at the network and believes the mandate to change came from a single executive. He also said he could see working with the network again “if I knew for sure that they wanted me to be there and I could express myself how I normally express myself and my brand.”


121e3w6that statement is when it took a bad turn.
like i said,
he still got up on that stage and did the show.
that check is sitting in his account as you read.
you also still “professionally” re-tweeted the issue to the entire internet.
b scott needs to remember he is still a growing brand.
  successful youtube videos: check.
 running with mariah carey: check.
do people really know who he is: ?
when you are a household name with power,
commanding your own __________,
you can do whatever you want.
they may bend the rules for you.
plus i heard about b’s diva like behavior and antics.
mariah’s rubbing off on him?
keep this up b and get black balled.

low-key: the make up he had on was harsh as hell.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.25.58 PMhe looked like he shoulda been on vampire diaries.
god knows how it would have looked on camera.
plus it wasn’t about b scott.
it was about the artists/whoever on the red carpet.
maybe his outfit was too distracting and would take away from the interviews?
who knows.
they apologized.
take it and get more jobs at the network(s).
soon you will have your own style segment.
they won’t be able to tell you shit.
pick your battles b.

photo credits: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Learn To Pick Your Battles?”

  1. I don’t know much about B. so I cannot say too much, but I do know he has been around for a minute. I think they should have let him wore what he wanted. I’m only saying that because people know what he does by now and how he dresses. It should not have been an issue.

  2. I agree with him there was no apology when they included the statement “miscommunication from Both parties ” That implies he was giving a dress code by them and didn’t follow it which would be unprofessional. But this is the best thing that ever happened to him professionally speaking. I’m sure Entertainment Weekly had never heard of him before this incident.He should thank BET for this “diss”

  3. He’s being petty.
    As you said, many times, there are last minute outfit changes, script edits, and switching of hosts
    By him continuing to bitch about such a non-issue, he’s sending a memo to other networks not to work with him.

    BET doesn’t owe him shit. He was contracted to host and they set the rules. If he didn’t like them, he could’ve walked off set.

    1. ^imo,
      he sold himself out.
      he didn’t want to do,
      did it anyway,
      got paid for it,
      and then complained because he did it.

      if anyone wanted to see the definition of “selling yourself out”,
      this is it.

      if you are so offended by it,
      and it degraded him to do it,
      he would have said fuck the money and the opportunity.
      he needs a manager.
      i don’t know if he has one,
      but he needs one.

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