Mister Cee Cried On The Radio Today; Admits All

040511-music-mister-cee-what_zpsbf480a5bmister cee had his day of awakening today.
he went on hot97 after ( x yesterday’s bombshell ) to speak on on what happened….

Following his abrupt resignation from New York’s Hot 97 radio station yesterday, DJ Mister Cee broke his silence this morning during an exclusive interview on the station’s morning show.

The candid interview, which marks Cee’s second appearance this year addressing solicitation allegations with Hot 97 morning show host and Program Director, Ebro Darden, found the influential DJ admitting that although he has received “fellatio from transvestites” in the past, he has never had penetrative sexual intercourse with another man.

that was actually really sad to listen to.
his crying kinda got to me.
i really do believe bimbo was wrong to do what he did.
i guess he can expect a bigger fan base and more outings within his youtube career?
look at what someone tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 5.03.58 PMsmh.
well mister cee brought ny 20 years of good music.
he was also the associate producer to big’s “ready to die”.
he’ll be missed for his throwback at noon segment daily.
too bad he went out in a different kind of bang.

eta: well he is actually back on hot97 again.
he decided to come back to his job.
leave the street meat alone cee!

lowkey: people,
straight and gay,
need to look at this all this mess and see the message.
trustnobitchsomeone is waiting to bring you down.
pay attention.

article: the huffington post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “Mister Cee Cried On The Radio Today; Admits All”

  1. Society creates the closet that so many of us live in. Like I’ve said, men like us aren’t gonna come out and “admit” our “truths” until we feel SAFE. Many of us live the lie for SURVIVAL, it’s not a choice. We risk losing our careers, families, friends, money, etc. If that wasn’t your situation, then GREAT. Kudos. To place that expectation on others because it wasn’t your reality is not only unfair, but it’s incredibly selfish. It’s not about you.

    Mr. Cee wouldn’t have been sneaking around if trans loving was acceptable. SOCIETY tells him to hate himself, SOCIETY tells him it’s something he should be ashamed of. When your desires tell you one thing, and SOCIETY tells you it’s immoral & disgusting, of course it will lead to inner turmoil and confusion. So you satisfy those desires in hiding, in the darkness of night, while you keep up outwardly with society’s ideals. For many people, if you don’t abide by the norms and expectations of society you risk losing EVERYTHING. If you listened to the interview you would see that his family depends on him….a decision to “come out” doesn’t affect JUST him. It affects everyone around him. Which is true for many SGL men.

    Let’s have a conversation about society, as opposed to condemning Mr. Cee’s inner struggles.

    1. You are misunderstanding what I’m saying. When I said live in your truth, I meant being true to yourself not coming out to the world. I live in my truth, I’m honest with with myself. I know what I like and I accept that, and I wouldn’t change it. That’s what living in your truth is about being honest with yourself. Cee is not being honest with himself, period. Nothing I have said has anything to do with coming out. It’s no point of him coming out anyways, everyone knows. That’s irrelevant.

      1. But that’s my point. Wouldn’t you agree that part of accepting your truth means you have to at some point reconcile society’s objections with your own desires? If society tells you that your “truth” is not normal or morally acceptable then where does that leave you? Confused, and unable to DETERMINE your truth. That’s tough territory to navigate alone, no matter how old you are. You most likely fear that something is wrong with you and you are in fact not normal….Especially when you’re in an environment (Hip-Hop, Caribbean) that is completely antagonistic to those desires..that’s not easy to deal with.

        It’s probably even harder for someone like Mr. Cee, where there aren’t any out, mainstream trans loving men that he can look up to.

        C’mon I know you can identify with this.

      2. I hadnt thought about it but there has never been a famous man who has discussed being trans loving.Also Ive noticed all the trans hate around this story.I think Míster Cee would have more support if he was hooking up with male hookers.Check out interview “Míster Cee Speaks” XXLMAG.com
        Off to sleeping now

  2. All this nonsense about him not being gay or at least bi is bullshit, and I’m not gonna sit back and act like it’s all cool. These trannies have dicks between their legs, not pussies, so that makes them men who happen to make themselves appear as women from time to time.

    Mr. Cee is not in a happy place because he can’t live in his truth and admit to himself what he wants. It’s a shame as a 46 year old man you don’t know what you want. I don’t care what no one says. Mr. Cee has had these feelings since he was a teenager prob. Y’all think this shit is new? This didn’t just happen, he has been in denial for years. If you like niggas own it. If you chase trannies own it. If you are a hoe own it.To be confused at that age is unacceptable and I’m not buying it. The people who feel that he is not gay because until he says he’s gay feel that way because they also are not living in their truth. Be honest and don’t front and just say that his situation hits home for you, which means your opinion is biased. People who don’t like labels can be hell, period. They cry and whine one day and they want to fuck niggas the next day. Niggas crying after sex and shit. I have heard stories. I don’t have time for that. You cry around me I’m kicking you out and you better not ever call me again. That’s not being harsh, it is what it is.

    1. I don’t think a man who gets off on getting a BJ from “tranny” is Gay.You mentioned trannies have dicks but what difference does that make if the Man isnt interested in dicks.Míster Cee to my knowledge , hasnt performed a BJ on a tranny.So if he is not interested in dick, not attracted to a person who looks or acts like a man, how is he Gay?
      Also I am really surprised by you defining or labeling another person’s sexual orientation.How would you feel if someone said you are not bisexual? You are simply in denial ,bisexuality doesn’t exist.You havent accepted the fact that you are Gay… You realize most people believe bisexual men are simply in denial too.Understand everyone is not Gay, Bisexual or Straight, people are Asexual, some people are TG, some have fetishes, etc Don’t define others unless you want them to define you

      1. No offense, but you are a woman. You will never understand this life the way we do because we live it, you don’t. Women never understand. No one on the outside understands.

        If someone questioned my bisexuality, I wouldn’t care to be honest. I’m an adult, and I’m too old to worry about others opinions. I really don’t care what others think. I tell people that all the time.

      2. No offense taken You are right as a straight woman I will never fully understand.But also know as a man from a different generation .Your experience, acceptance, prespective regarding sexuality is quite different than middle age man.Míster Cee is coming around to acceptance read new interview @ XXLMag.com

  3. I’m not comfortable with people defining someone else’s sexuality. Especially when it’s obvious Mr. Cee doesn’t fully understand it himself. Folks are trying to force him into the gay or bi box, when Mr. Cee is telling us he enjoys trans women. That can’t be neatly filed in the gay or bi box. There really is no word in the english language for this orientation (behavior)……..

    Also, how would you define a gay man who enjoys sex with women occasionally? This happens. Gay men sleep with women all the time…… is he still gay? Or is he straight? is he bi? Depends on what YOUR understanding of those words are.

    and that is my point.

    Don’t try to define him based on your own understanding. It’s not cut and dry.

    This “Live you truth” that keeps getting repeated seems so disingenuous to me. Perhaps we should focus on creating an environment where men like Mr. Cee…. and men like US can live in our truths instead of telling us to (figuratively) walk off a cliff….Many of us risk losing too much if we do.

    1. Mr. Cee is a man who most likely suffers from sexual addiction. He is constantly, according to him, soliciting prostitutes and that is dangerous for his well being. Having been caught already wasn’t enough to stop the compulsive behavior. It is the disease of addiction that is blurring the lines in this case. He goes after trans girls only according to him. This, guys and girls, does not make him gay. It makes him into trans. My hope is that he gets the help that he needs.

    2. As for the sexuality thing, I kinda agree with you that it can be a very complex situation. I say that labels are for boxes, not people. At the same time, gay men that sleep with women (and enjoy the fact that it’s a women they’re having sex with) are in fact bisexual. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say Mr. Cee found himself a nice, respectable transgendered women, and actually formed a relationship with her, and actually went places with her, and just lived his life without shame? Yes, it would raise some peoples eyebrows, but eventually, folks would open a dialogue about it, and just allow the man to love whom he loves. That’s not what he did though. He snuck around at night in shame, not looking for love, but for a quick nut. He created this for himself. I don’t mean that he deserves to be hurt or talked about, but it all started with his mind. He was ashamed of himself, he hated himself, he told himself that he was less than, and in his own self-hatred, ended up creating this situation. He wasn’t discriminated against or even fired… HE RESIGNED! we need to LOVE OURSELVES UNCONDITIONALLY!!!!! If we stop being ashamed of ourselves, we will find that folks will actually love us for who we are. Not everybody, but those that matter will.

  4. The problem is he needs to man up! If you love transsexuals then be proud of that. And news flash you are gay! And there’s nothing wrong with that. Growup and be real, now you crying and shit. Be a man. A proud, responsible, honest, gay man.

    1. Sigh. He’s not gay unless he says he’s gay. You don’t get to define him. Also, when a man cries it does not mean he’s not a man, or he’s not grownup. Mr. Cee is going through a lot with his own sexuality…much of which I don’t think he fully understands or can express on his own.

      Forcing him into a gay box because YOU can’t imagine (or refuse to comprehend) anything else says more about you than it does about him. Bottom line. It’s not about you.

      1. You’re wrong man. Just because he doesn’t think he’s gay or bi doesn’t mean he isn’t. So I take it that you also believe a serial killer is not a serial killer unless he admits it right? I guess when he goes to prison or gets the death penalty he is not going to know why he’s receiving such harsh punishment. It’s the same thing.

        That’s why there is a such word as denial, for people who cannot admit their truth. Live in your truth.

      2. Excellent response. You hit the nail on the head. Not everyone is at a happy place. Reading and listening to him he is struggling with his inner desires . His relations with a tran does not make him gay the same way a man”s relations with a friend who is gay does not make him gay. Welcome to the world of labels. My advise to him…take Beyonce”s advice but in this case don’t put a ring , just put a LID on it and move on. Like Kerry, Eddie and countless others he must play with mongrels.

  5. BImbo is not at fault here, Mister Cee has a career out of messing with T Girl, it was just the others one werent smart enough to get it on tape. It not like BImbo went out to find him, Cee was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  6. In sorta related news sports blog deadspin.com posted article”Is the NFL blacklisting Kerry Rhodes” because of Gay rumors.My opinion if Kerry beat up his GF or had a DUI he would be playing in NFL

    1. So he should have fucked up Peanut huh?


      Remember that football player that fucked up his “roommate” with his a fist and a bottle? Wonder if he still plays for the Chicago Bears…

    2. I just read the article. It’s likely he is being blacklisted……smh. This makes me hate that little troll even more. Kerry doesn’t deserve this. He’s a solid player though….someone will pick him up *crosses fingers*

  7. I am still dumbfounded by these women on gossip blogs who say all these hateful things about Gay men.Yet in the same breath they say I don’t know why there are men on the DL.Also Im so pissed that this myth, that DL men are responsible for high rate of HIV in Black women ,continues .There is no evidence that DL men are responsible.There are just as many White, Hispanic, Asian etc Dl men in terms of percentages of men.
    As for Míster Cee I think he will be back on the air .

    1. ^it kills me they talk all this shit about gay men,
      yet they love it when we pick out their clothes,
      tell them the dirt on who is gay,
      and basically act like lap dogs following behind them.
      the gays see all this and still do it.

      it puzzles me.

      1. FoxI BRADSHAW I Agree with you a 100% my thoughts exactly & Me being a New Yorker I agree with ebro nobody cares about his sexual life even though its risky Mr cee is one of the Best NY DJS of all times.

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