tumblr_mry4jrqLRW1qj7u8ao1_500jason from friday the 13th has no filter.
he will kill your ass with no hesitation.
you kinda always knew who lived in the movies because she usually wasn’t blonde.
well what if he was in the hood?
a real life friday the 13th?

you know black folks always talkin about snow bunnies running and falling.
i think this prank video from vitalyzdtv proved otherwise…

tumblr_mmf3d9rE0B1soeg13o1_500when that one dude fell over his friend tho…
just dead!
i dunno if i can do pranks like this.
you charge at me crazy with a chainsaw and i ain’t beyond shootin your ass.
hail of bullets first; ask questions later.
i’ll tell the police i was in fear for my life.

i was walkin out the door and this big man came towards me with a chainsaw…
i told him stop and he still kept walking towards me with his weapon.
i pulled out my .380 and that was that mister.”

lowkey: this prank tho>>>

prank source: vitalyzdtv

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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