getting laid off on friday the 13th (running for my life)

i want to thank all the wolves that rejected me.
the friends who stabbed me in my back (or front).
i’ve been in many a situation that helped mold me into the fox i am.
there has been “the very bottom” and then in “the abyss of hell“.
i’ve seen it all,
and been through it all,
so when i got laid off from that job today…

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tumblr_mry4jrqLRW1qj7u8ao1_500jason from friday the 13th has no filter.
he will kill your ass with no hesitation.
you kinda always knew who lived in the movies because she usually wasn’t blonde.
well what if he was in the hood?
a real life friday the 13th?

you know black folks always talkin about snow bunnies running and falling.
i think this prank video from vitalyzdtv proved otherwise…
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I Feel Like His Pipe Will Nut “Friday The 13th” Inside Me

bad luck.
it doesn’t always involve certain fridays that land on the 13th.
walking under a ladder may not cause you harm.
or, a black cat crossing your path would not allow sudden danger.

your attitude can create your bad luck without you even realizing it.
sadly, it can be rubbed off on other people.
so are you suppose to be positive all the time to avoid such plight?
are you suppose to praise the almighty jesus to avoid it?
or, realistically, are just some people magnets for bad luck?
i started to wonder…

Are you a walking ball of “Friday The 13th“?

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