I Feel Like His Pipe Will Nut “Friday The 13th” Inside Me

bad luck.
it doesn’t always involve certain fridays that land on the 13th.
walking under a ladder may not cause you harm.
or, a black cat crossing your path would not allow sudden danger.

your attitude can create your bad luck without you even realizing it.
sadly, it can be rubbed off on other people.
so are you suppose to be positive all the time to avoid such plight?
are you suppose to praise the almighty jesus to avoid it?
or, realistically, are just some people magnets for bad luck?
i started to wonder…

Are you a walking ball of “Friday The 13th“?

there is a hybrid in the industry who is feeling me heavy.
he wants my two scoops of tail and he wants it served at 12am.
he is fine, has a nice body, and i would find myself rocking with him…

… but i notice everyone he has messed with has had a string of bad luck.
in his own life, he also has terrible luck.
his status messages always got some drama going on.
he never hits me up to tell me anything great in his life besides him trying to pipe.
the last couple foxes he stuck his penis in all had some bs happen to them.
either they got dropped from their label,
they experienced a loss in their personal/financial life,
or they just get hooked on him and ended up in a circle of stalking despair.

all of which i want no parts of.

i had to cut someone loose because of their energy.
everytime i would talk or hang with them,
some shit went wrong in my life.
it made me notice how powerful energy is.
your thoughts reflect what may or may not happen.
sure, somethings do go wrong in your life randomly.
but with other shit,
i feel is what you put out there.
i won’t lie and say that before i got let go at this job,
i was in a negative place.
i was thinking about how i’m not where i need to be and how i hated my job.
i got to the point it made me sick.

i started to wonder about messing with people with bad luck.
even your own bad luck.
can it be avoided?
can you successfully mess with someone and avoid the drama they bring?
even if you radiate a ball of positive energy?

hybrid posted some body shots online just now and it turned me on heavy
…but, if only everyone knew what i knew about him.
they would probably run in the other direction.
he is a walking ball of “stay away from my gorgeous dick“.
one i have already seen and i’m tempted to sit on.

but, i already know….
so i had to ask…

Are some people just bad for you?

4 thoughts on “I Feel Like His Pipe Will Nut “Friday The 13th” Inside Me

  1. The long and short of it is ‘yes’. Some people are bad for you. It stands to reason, with the billions of people on this earth, some will clash with your energy.

  2. Yes some people are just all around bad. That’s why I really don’t let them get close to me romantically; it’s just not worth it. I want someone who is easy to be with relationship wise. When we meet someone we are interested in we usually ignore the red flags because we are so excited that we have found someone that we become blinded for a while, but as time progresses reality sets in and we see things for what they really are. Family and friends warn us but we just don’t listen until we see it for ourselves and sometimes it’s too late.

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