Devin Thomas Has An Announcement You May Like

my blast from the past has a surprise.
well for one, he is apparently jamaican.
and two, he is a better looking batman.
and three…


that was the fastest retirement i have ever seen.
i guess he realized that the bills don’t stop and a glimpse into being poor.
had to think about that some more, huh d?

i bet you did.

lowkey: i need him to get into modeling or acting… type heavy.
i’m not digging this “return” as i should.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Devin Thomas Has An Announcement You May Like”

  1. What’s the ‘shirtless’ picture about? Is that him trying to look sexy? If so he looks like the type of ‘queen’ I’d run a mile to avoid. Good luck to him, and his return to the game.

  2. I need him to give me some. LOL He is hot as fire. I hope he finds a new team soon so he doesn’t end up with money issues. He deserves the best.

      1. They are indecisive, incredibly passionate, and highly emotional. Water signs tend to go wherever their heart pushes them. So, if he was feeling conflicted with football, it’s no surprise he would step away from the game until he’s decided what exactly he wants. Albeit a bit selfish, it’s how they function.

    1. That’s the truth…..we follow our hearts and we keep a escape passage way just in case our hearts make the wrong decision……

  3. @ Random….Yep, and majority of ’em, I am decent friends with. but indecisive, competitive, attention seeking and when the spotlight is not on them, All Hell break loose. Kind hearted and a lot of good qualities, but also sneaky as all get out.

  4. His fellow players ripped him a new asshole about retiring he was not a prominent part of the Giants Super Bowl run and he fell to the curse of magazine, videos and etc. but if football is your gift then to not take advantage of the opportunity is such a waste.

  5. Welcome back to Devin! I love this brotha! He needs to be seen in the spotlight and appreciated for the sexy man he is! I can’t wait to see him back in and out of uniform again!

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