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times are tuff these days.
and breathing prices are through the roof.
some regulars are saying fuck it and turning to onlyfans.
you know its bad when retired baller wolves turn to onlyfans.
a foxholer sent me the new career path of retired nba baller wolf,
larry sanders

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Soooooo The Retired Baller Wolf Got Banged To Death?

hi-res-ae1f19876139829982360ac7d34e7404_crop_northso i have been so involved with the orlando massacre,
i completely missed this story.
thank you to the f-bi who updated me.
so former dl,
no pun intended,
baller wolf by the name of bryan robinson,
was found dead in a hotel room.
the problem is that bryan robinson may have actually been dl.
he may have gotten banged into heaven too.
uhhhhhhh huh.
check out the low down via tmz sports
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When Being On The Side Goes To Complete Sh*t

635727395599100901-Still0717-00001when you get into a relationship with someone,
and they happen to be with someone else,
you should already know what you are getting into.
you will always come second.
sometimes in more ways than one.
well thats if the person really hate who they are with.
they are only together just for the cubs,
the money,
or appearances.
the thing about being on the side is things could change at any moment.
it goes from:

“i’m leaving them for you”
“i think we gonna work it out”

sometimes with the latter,
you end up getting left in the dust.
well the story of ex baller wolf,
buster barnett,
is sort of the example of what i’m talking about.
his side chick was not pleased with a decision he made with his wife.
the results?
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Devin Thomas Is Playing Football Again!

don’t call it a comeback?…

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His Body Is Ready For All The Hybrids (Will Include Any Fetish You Desire)

you see that magnum?
strap up and get to ridin.

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Devin Thomas Has An Announcement You May Like

my blast from the past has a surprise.
well for one, he is apparently jamaican.
and two, he is a better looking batman.
and three…

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