His Body Is Ready For All The Hybrids (Will Include Any Fetish You Desire)

you see that magnum?
strap up and get to ridin.


you will have to pay if you want to get on that ride.

would you?

lowkey: is the probability of that hybrid’s pics real?
because i’m starting to see the trend in wolves/fox/hybrids of dreams getting that body right…
…and getting ready to start trickin.

i had to ask…
i look at people like terrell owens who was use to a certain lifestyle.
unfortunately, he has lost his job.
how is he paying these bills?
same with someone like devin thomas.
he retired from a league that don’t look out for their players.
how the hell is he making money with no endorsements/unemployment?
would you be the first to hire this:

to bang your back out/bang his out for an hour?
and what does escorting really entail anyway?
arm candy?
or, just someone who looks like your fantasy to be there for companionship?
if things got bad in your life:

Would you start escorting?

honest only apply.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “His Body Is Ready For All The Hybrids (Will Include Any Fetish You Desire)”

    1. ^i wouldn’t knock anyone who did it.
      you are getting a check.
      sounds like a win.
      there are hoes getting banged out for free.
      no check.
      I also feel its a more professional way to hoe and make a living.
      look at evelyn lozada and draya.

      1. It’s what you make it in my opinion. I know escorts who make money just being around, NEVER having to have sex with their clients. I feel like this. Make the money and know your price. It’s not for everyone. Get money and fuck the rest of them. If they aren’t feeding you, fucking you or financing you. Fuck them! People get butt raped everyday when they go to a 9-5 job and are paid a certain number and that’s their worth. Don’t rely on escorting by itself and if you must, at lease be 200% professional. Be the best WHORE ever!

      2. It is whoring yourself no matter what you call it, period. When you have sex with a lot of people you are a hoe. Escorting is the legal form of prostitution if you think about it. You get paid for your services and it’s legal. It is a good way to make fast money tho.

      3. When you SLEEP with a lot of people you are a SLUT. Escorting doesn’t always equals sex. Yes it is a form of prostitution (if there is sexual favors involved.) The difference between a whore and a slut is whores get paid. Some people do it part time and some people do it full time. It’s a provided service for people, who are willing to pay for it.

        There are wide range of services which could include massage sessions, escorting to parties, companionship, or sex. Some men don’t want to go through the hoops to get laid so they pay for it. It’s not for everyone and regardless people will talk (esp the hypocritical SLUTS who sleep around for nothing.), so if you want to do it, you better have a tough skin and sharp tongue!

        Whether it’s considered moral wrong or not, it’s the oldest profession and it’s not going anywhere. Women whore for money ALL the time but I do understand the double standard. At the end of the day, live and let live. If you are going to be a WHORE, be the best damn whore out there!

  1. On some real shit, I don’t judge anyone who does it. You have these young dudes in debt with a college degree that doesn’t benefit them at all. I’m very aware everyone isn’t blessed to have the support system I do in my parents. If you’re not stealing or killing I can’t knock it.

    At the same time, I don’t find the attitude and the mind set of those that trade sexual favors for money attractive. You have to manipulate, lie, and essentially be fake for a living. Once you get into that hustle its hard to get out, you’ll always go back to it because its easier.

    I’d never pay for sex. I don’t care how fine they are. If I’m willing to pay you to sleep with you that means I probably like them and if I like them I’d fall into that trap of trying to save them, so I’d avoid it altogether.

  2. Sometimes, “Prostitution is the only Solution” cant knock no hustle in this tough economy. Im always a little envious of naturally beautiful fine boys who have both men and women eating out of the palms of their hand, wondering how does that type of attention really feel. Sadly, they rarely have their shit together and are always flawed. If you strip, or do other questionable shit while you are young to get a come up to something better, do it, because you are going to be judge no matter what you do anyway. I think though it takes a strong person mentally to be in this line of work.

  3. if i had no other options but to start escorting i probably would but keep my eyes focused on getting out of it as soon as financially possible. it could be a quick paycheck while your waiting for that good job to call you back and it comes with less repercussions than doing porn. during the summer time downtown there are lots of escorts trying to find that “old man coin”. im trying to learn not to judge others because its something i view as not good.

  4. Speaking honestly I would escort if I had no other choice and mcdonalds and the army wouldn’t take me or is taking too long. I honestly would give two shits what people think or believe about it. I’ve had sex with dudes and then be taken shopping and gotten money because we were boning so technically I was escorting from 16-20.

    But then I ask the question as too whether its escorting if a vixen does it? I mean Kim K and Amber Khalifa did it so what’s the difference. I think maybe we can learn a thing or two from them about putting a price on our “assets” clearly their winning and still profiting from all the whispers and judgements. #ijs

  5. I’m not gonna knock someone that does it – just know what you’re getting into & don’t let it ruin you. That dude about is also into drugs (partying & ‘T’ references), so that’s never a good combo.

    Would I do it? Well, I’ve been offered money & asked to do a photo shoot before that I declined, so probably not. I like to enjoy sex, and I think that would ruin it for me – make it a job. I’ve been with escorts, but never charged…a couple I didn’t even know until later. Guess they liked me *shrug*

  6. Being in the NY area, I have seen a lot of them. Escorts/husters, they pretty much do the same thing. Don’t be shocked, but some of your favorite porn stars are probably escorts as well. I actually had a conversation with an escort before. He told me that it was hard to find stable employment because he had a record…blah blah blah. I understood his reasoning, but I can’t see myself doing it. I guess if the service if available, someone will be willing to pay for it. I’m not judging, but do you is all I will say.

  7. To each his own. We may not know what the motivation is for someone to escort/prostitute. Will I do it personally? I dont know. Life has a way of putting you in situations that you thought you’d never be in. I maybe in a pisition where that’s the only viable option so I won’t knock someone who does.

  8. So everytime a woman give her man head and salt fish *snicker* for a shoes or a handbag or some straight up cash she a hoe if the theory follows suit. Personally i hear ppl say that escorts/whores using up themselves being exploited. But ask your self the question dont most of us give it free and walk away with the same emotional bag of a prositiute anyway. We feel used abused and str8 up betrayed after sexual encounter but always remember at the end of their emotional bags are a few fifty dollar bills.

  9. Yep in a heartbeat, and not for sex – u loose if you sell yourself for sex, u might as well stand on the street, i’ll sign with a reputable agency and do international travel for companionship marketed to WOMEN solely, and if the money tops I will be dates NOT sex to men, my first 10 jobs better all together land in 6 figure $ $igns

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