When Being On The Side Goes To Complete Sh*t

635727395599100901-Still0717-00001when you get into a relationship with someone,
and they happen to be with someone else,
you should already know what you are getting into.
you will always come second.
sometimes in more ways than one.
well thats if the person really hate who they are with.
they are only together just for the cubs,
the money,
or appearances.
the thing about being on the side is things could change at any moment.
it goes from:

“i’m leaving them for you”
“i think we gonna work it out”

sometimes with the latter,
you end up getting left in the dust.
well the story of ex baller wolf,
buster barnett,
is sort of the example of what i’m talking about.
his side chick was not pleased with a decision he made with his wife.
the results?

The mistress of an NFL player reportedly kidnapped her lover’s wife and shot her dead before killing herself when police caught up to her.

sandra-barnett-e1437179242295^sandra barnett: wife

Sandra Barnett, 58, a special needs teacher, was abducted from her home in Ellenwood, Georgia, in a black Dodge Durango on Wednesday.

The driver, 49-year-old Lisa Brown, had been having a multi-year affair with Sandra’s husband Buster Barnett, a tight end for the Buffalo Bills in the 1980s, according to authorities.

Brown drove toward the Alabama border and refused to stop for police, leading to a chase that ultimately ended in both her and Sandra Barnett’s deaths on Thursday.

The dramatic kidnapping was triggered when Brown became upset about the Barnetts going on a trip together, Officer Charlene Watson-Fraser, spokesperson for Clayton Police, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A friend heard an altercation between the tight end’s wife and supposed mistress over the phone as Brown allegedly stormed into the house with a gun. 

Someone driving past the house to check on Barnett saw the SUV quickly drive away.

The Durango, as well as Brown’s home in Lithonia, Georgia, were both in Barnett’s name and the pair had allegedly been having an affair for three to four years.

Officers spotted the vehicle on Thursday morning in west Georgia and chased it into Alabama.

Brown then suddenly stopped in the middle of the highway, where authorities say the fatal shootings occurred. 

The alleged mistress, also a school teacher in northern Atlanta, was on probation for another kidnapping in Texas, where in 2013 she had abducted her now 12-year-old child after losing custody. 

635727450129013533lisabrown.jpg.CROP.rtstoryvar-medium^lisa brown: side chick

Sommer Brown, 12, was the subject of an Amber Alert in April of that year and it took three days to track down the mother and child.

Brown, who also left her teaching job in 2013, was sentenced to eight years probation in March,11 Alive reported.

Sandra Barnett had reportedly recently changed the locks of her back gate after becoming concerned someone had tampered with them.

Buster Barnett is not implicated in the kidnapping.

i wonder if he knew that she was “cray cray”?
did he miss the red flags?
or was he just caught up in fuckin’ her?

people don’t know when someone’s crazy will get released.
you might be “strong” today and go absolutely mad tomorrow.
all because of someone else.
some people can get in your life and penetrate you so deep
you don’t even realize you lookin’ like a damn fool.
i can’t tell you not to get involved with someone already in a relationship or married.
that seems to be the new “trend” these days.
some people can do it and get the perks.
others get their emotions involved and become the next news story.
don’t even act like the person can’t get attached as well.
he/she may want you to never be with anyone else.
this story is sad,
and rip to his wife,
but there is a big lesson in it somewhere.
i’m sure you’ll find it.
lowkey: this story is ironic tho.
buster now has no one.
a sad case of karma?
his wife’s funeral is going to be very interesting.
i wonder if buster will show his face for lisa?
i would tell an f-bi to go…
but that would be wrong.
…i think.
article taken: daily mail

9 thoughts on “When Being On The Side Goes To Complete Sh*t

  1. Let this a lesson for all you fools who want to play around when you already have someone else. I could never understand why be in a relationship or married when you want to fuck other people. To be honest I blame the husband for this cause this could have been avoided if he kept his black snake in his pants….. Football players make the worst husbands.

  2. The crazy part is.. there was talk that the Wife didn’t even know about the side chick!..The side chick just had to play her part (dick, cash, a few trips, continuously keeping that mouth shut. She didn’t have the wife harassing her or anything “allegedly”.

  3. This story is so sad this innocent lady was life was taken away cause of her husband reckless ways. I don’t get it a lot of men cheat straight and gay. I think a man denying temptation and remaining committed to his marriage or relationship is so freaking sexy.

  4. How is she going to abduct that man’s wife? Know your lane, you are a sidepiece, you are supposed to be seen and not heard. This is why I can only have one at at time. I do not have time for this type of foolishness. Two people dead all over a cheating husband and a deranged mistress. The wife was the only innocent one.

  5. Hopefully the funerals won’t be on the same day so the asshole can attend both.

    I have more info.The mistress went to his job to confront him on the fact he was going on vacation with his wife and she didn’t know about the trip.He brushed her off and told her to leave.So she drove to his house.His wife is a teacher on summer vacation so she was home.
    If you toy with people’s emotions and lead them on, someone is going to get hurt.

    1. Yes! People always seem to want their cake and eat it too! You can’t have it both ways, and ESPECIALLY when you get married. That is the time to focus the priorities on the person you married. Which leads me to this thought…if you don’t want to get married, then DON’T!!
      I’ll be damned if someone forces or talks me into doing something I don’t want to do. If I’M not ready, I’m not ready! Not going to do something to make someone else happy…it’s a recipe for disaster (or stepping out)!
      This is a sad story…but I bet you homeboy will be out and about looking for new ass in no time!

      1. Most people who get married aren’t forced into it tho. Seems most people only get married because it’s something they think they’re supposed to do. I’m never getting married. Not because I think wouldn’t be able to handle it(I know I could) but because it’s just not appealing to me. I was talking to my brother recently. He told me he might marry his girlfriend of 4 years. I said imo 4 years isn’t a long enough time of being with someone to know if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. His reply was “might as well get married.” There are probably a lot of str8 people who think like that. It never crosses their mind to ponder if they’re the marrying type. Some people just aren’t built for such a commitment. The same way not everyone is built for having/raising children.

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