When Being On The Side Goes To Complete Sh*t

635727395599100901-Still0717-00001when you get into a relationship with someone,
and they happen to be with someone else,
you should already know what you are getting into.
you will always come second.
sometimes in more ways than one.
well thats if the person really hate who they are with.
they are only together just for the cubs,
the money,
or appearances.
the thing about being on the side is things could change at any moment.
it goes from:

“i’m leaving them for you”
“i think we gonna work it out”

sometimes with the latter,
you end up getting left in the dust.
well the story of ex baller wolf,
buster barnett,
is sort of the example of what i’m talking about.
his side chick was not pleased with a decision he made with his wife.
the results?
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