King James Caught About To Play In The Snow?

o-LEBRON-facebookive never known king james to be sloppy.
if he does do dirt,
it tends to be a very clean process.
he has good people.
allegedly of course.
well after leaving a club after the espys,
check who is heading into his car before him…

you see the hands trying to block the cameras?
too late.
they got him on candid camera.
one had one a green ensemble in the back seat.
well i’d like to think that was his manager and publicist?
how about his personal shopper and manicurist?
eh eh?
how about his dog walker and bag holder?
not a chance?
well i guess he took them both to go his physical.

EDIT: after sniffing,
one of the snow bunnies is:

caroline wozniacki,
tennis player

lowkey: he looks drunk as hell.
i’m still on ( x his big ass thighs ) tho.
like look at this from the 2013 espys:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “King James Caught About To Play In The Snow?”

  1. Who were those women getting in there? LeBron getting messy with it. SMH. He still got a nice ass tho lol.

  2. King James has been caught several times in the snow. Remember (PRE-MARRIAGE) he strolled throughout the Olympic village and asked the Olympic swimmer out on a date and took a pic with her and she rejected him on social media. Tried to holla at Alabama QB, girlfriend Katherine Webb on Twitter. Not a look–gonna end up like Kobe.

      1. It was Darnell…but there were also a few others that tried to holla at her. Darnell got the most exposure. LOL

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