I’m Not A Hoe Because I Gave Head and Not Let Him Smash

i haven’t gotten my back blown out in a while.
i don’t know if i miss it.
with randoms,
it is a lot of wear and tear.
my walls are expensive as is!
it seems like a lot of gays are not into fuckin’ anymore.
they have allegedly replaced it with a new “old” thing.
a foxholer sent me what’s supposedly hot in the forests via “cocktails and cocktalk”
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When Being On The Side Goes To Complete Sh*t

635727395599100901-Still0717-00001when you get into a relationship with someone,
and they happen to be with someone else,
you should already know what you are getting into.
you will always come second.
sometimes in more ways than one.
well thats if the person really hate who they are with.
they are only together just for the cubs,
the money,
or appearances.
the thing about being on the side is things could change at any moment.
it goes from:

“i’m leaving them for you”
“i think we gonna work it out”

sometimes with the latter,
you end up getting left in the dust.
well the story of ex baller wolf,
buster barnett,
is sort of the example of what i’m talking about.
his side chick was not pleased with a decision he made with his wife.
the results?
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foxmail: Why Do These Wolves Want To Tear Our Asses Up And Throw Us To The Side? Huh? Why?


Now of recent i have started to see the mortality of my cakes it not always gonna be super tight. So my cake has value and i am treating it as such. I meet a guy at school after the usual flirt flirt retarded game he approached me to come over to his place. I was as always blunt and ask wtf for, “now the negro was fine”, he would tell me he wanna fuck me i did a mental double take “huh what did he just say”. I started to laugh was like he tripping but then he said it again. well my laugh ended and i politely informed him i dont move like that he asked why i was up front and i let him know he did not have the decency to invite me to a movie and dinner he then reply he did not know i like bitch treatment huh a movie and meal makes me a bitch really thought they call those dates. I was like cake not for free he then say oh so i really a gold digger. really jamari me a gold digger cause i aspire to be more that a warm whole for you to punch holes in. So my question is why is these wolfs think that our cakes could be used, abused and thrown away at their whim?


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