WOLF MEAT: (306)

tumblr_m5xrz19Ksd1qab20vo1_1280free for all of junkindatrunktv country bumpkin butt cheeks.
just in time for lunch

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lowkey: these people look straight country.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (306)”

    1. I would have to try my hardest not to smack his ass. Yesterday a couple of new friends of mine were sleeping on the couch n the love seat. I came out n both them had their hands down their pants. One dude had his sweats half down. I wanted to touch him so bad u guys. I refrain myself a lot lol.

  1. I was attracted to saggers when I was younger, but now there is nothing more attractive than a man with major cake, but in some tailored dress pants. If you saggin this much on a Tuesday afternoon, you probably don’t have a job.

  2. I don’t understand why people hate on saggers and start preaching. Fuck his job, his name, and his life. We just here for the ass cheeks. That’s it. This ass cheek stampede has me horny like shit. Keep em coming!

  3. Word is life I’m on Jack’d right now looking for a Greensleeves. He better understand the fucking I’m going to giving him tonight!!!!

  4. Why power bottoms gotta be extra all the time?

    Deep voice bitches are destroying the world one day at a time.

    If they showing that much ass, obviously they want some dick in them.

    Nothing else makes sense.

    Pulling up the pants and then lifting up the shirt?!

    If that ain’t a mating call, move, reflex then I ain’t I Cee Ded Ppl!

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