The Emancipation of Kelly Rowland?

tumblr_mmukto6xam1qeroxyo1_500so kelly rowland is shedding for this new album,
talk a good game (june 18th).
aside from singing about her cooch,
she gets real in a new song called “dirty laundry”

song is deep.
low self esteem.
i’m really proud that she could be this candid.
this line here:

“i swear ya’ll don’t know the half of this industry…”

now that’s the true story.
i felt good listening to this song.
i finally connected with kelly rowland.
is michelle next?
twitter seems to be all the talk about this track. but together some reaction tweets:

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Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “The Emancipation of Kelly Rowland?”

  1. I don’t wanna assume anything, but is talking about Nelly was hitting her? That’s the only dude I remember her dating, or maybe I’m wrong…

    1. ^it’s allegedly this guy:


      he is the wolf in the middle.
      meet cudda love.
      use to manage mase and cam’ron.
      dated kelly.
      also dated amerie while dating kelly.
      kelly and amerie fought over him.
      he was recently with teirra mari.
      went as far as to getting her pregnant.
      s’all i got.

      nelly and kelly were friends.
      nelly was too sprung off of trying to get beyonce.

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