One Snaps and A Suicide


snapchat is the new wave.
if you live under a rock,
snapchat is another social media service for your roster.
it uses images and short pictures to show your life “behind the scenes”.
after 24 hours,
the story is ghost and you start fresh with new updates.
the animals think because a story is erased,
they can do all kind of ratchet shit with no evidence left.
well the ex wolf of this 15 year old vixen thought he was getting revenge.
her supposed “friends” started it.
what he did was cause her to commit suicide via the daily beast
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The Emancipation of Kelly Rowland?

tumblr_mmukto6xam1qeroxyo1_500so kelly rowland is shedding for this new album,
talk a good game (june 18th).
aside from singing about her cooch,
she gets real in a new song called “dirty laundry”

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Now He Is Somewhere Getting His Butt Cheeks To’ Up.

everyone meet precious:

935440_10151317529595736_1505393780_nreal name gabourey sidibe.
well she says every vixen has dated a gay guy.
even her!…

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