One Snaps and A Suicide


snapchat is the new wave.
if you live under a rock,
snapchat is another social media service for your roster.
it uses images and short pictures to show your life “behind the scenes”.
after 24 hours,
the story is ghost and you start fresh with new updates.
the animals think because a story is erased,
they can do all kind of ratchet shit with no evidence left.
well the ex wolf of this 15 year old vixen thought he was getting revenge.
her supposed “friends” started it.
what he did was cause her to commit suicide via the daily beast


A 15-year-old Florida girl committed suicide after friends allegedly recorded her in the shower, then posted the video on Snapchat.

Tampa mom Levon Holton-Teamer told WFLA that her daughter, Tovonna, was upset about the bullying before she killed herself Sunday.

Now, according to one friend, Tovonna’s ex-boyfriend got hold of the nude recording and posted it on Twitter after they broke up.

The couple had been fighting the night before Tovonna died, longtime pal Christian Coyle-Watts told The Daily Beast, and broke up Sunday morning.

“Tovonna knew [her friend] posted the video, but Tovonna’s boyfriend posted it, trying to expose her in a derogatory way,” Coyle-Watts said. “He did it just because he knew he could, and it would hurt her feelings.”

A sheriff’s department spokesman told The Daily Beast he hadn’t heard of the allegations against Tovonna’s boyfriend.

Tovonna’s mom tried to piece together what happened to her daughter to WFLA.

“Tovonna would say, ‘Mommy, I owe them; I owe them’. I said, ‘What do you mean you owe them?’ I couldn’t understand what was wrong,” Holton-Teamer said.

Hours later, Tovonna’s mother found her in the bathroom with a gunshot wound to the head around 6 p.m. The high-schooler had apparently used her mother’s handgun, which was stashed in her purse, to kill herself.

“I couldn’t get in the bathroom,” Holton-Teamer said tearfully on camera. “The bathroom light was off so I tried to get in and I looked down and I saw the puddle of blood. I tried to apply the pressure, the pressure to her head. I tried to save her.”

The girl’s family went on Facebook to seek answers, WFLA reported.

“They say her friends recorded her in the tub while she was naked and then posted it on Snapchat,” Stefonique Collier, Tovonna’s niece, told The Daily Beast.

Relatives would later learn a close friend allegedly published the nude images—shared with dozens of classmates—without Tovonna’s permission, the mother said.

“I just said, ‘If anybody knows anything, what happened? Have you heard of anything? Do you know who these kids are who have the pictures?’” Tovonna’s aunt, Angel Scott, told WFLA. “I thought it was just pictures and then the kids started inboxing me.”

Collier said she saw Tovonna, who just turned 15, at the beach last week.

They were “calling her names,” Vereen told The Daily Beast.

Coyle-Watts said Tovonna’s Snapchat recording was meant to be a “body appreciation” post before the ex-boyfriend allegedly published it.

The ex-boyfriend didn’t return messages left by The Daily Beast on Thursday, but he mourned her death on Twitter, writing, “She was so beautiful” and “I wish I can go back in time and prevent all of this.”

“No one is at fault,” he continued in another tweet. “She had problems going on that no one knew about. Let my angel rest in peace.”


how did he even save the video to post it on twitter?
one of her “friends” probably sent it to him.
i don’t understand “friends” nowadays.
does anyone know what that means?
why would you do something so spiteful?
those clearly weren’t her friends if they would do something like that.

“i didn’t think she would kill herself!” – i bet they said.

most animals get so much joy hurting the ones in their circles nowadays.
sometimes it’s your own family that will turn on you.
the ex boyfriend’s tweets disgusted me the most with the story.
personally speaking,
they all need to be sued and charged.
may that vixen rip.

lowkey: that reminds me when mi,
after our physical altercation,
gonna text me:

“i hope you not up there trying to kill yourself”

why do some dumb shit if you thought i would harm myself?dumb ass.

story taken: the daily beast

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “One Snaps and A Suicide”

  1. As Jamari mentions in this post, Snapchat markets itself as a way for people to lose their inhibitions with no consequence. But the truth is people will always find a way to cheat the system by saving your videos and photos for their own insidious uses. What happened to this teen is beyond unfortunate, but with friends like hers, who needs enemies?

  2. This is sad. The ex boyfriend said no one was at fault. Bruh, get outta here with that. It did not matter what she was going through, the incident did not help. What is wrong with these kids nowadays?

    S/N: Parents need to start explaining to their children that possessing and sharing pics of other minors is illegal. I don’t think they will get it until they catch that charge.

    1. Exactly and if he knew she had “issues” meaning suicidal or sever anxiety/depression (whatever it may be), he thought it was a good idea to post nudes of someone who was already particularly sensitive.

      No one’s at fault? Right well in that case, no one’s dead.<<< Both aren't true.

      High school age is the worst. It's a tumultuous experience.

  3. This is so sad part, of me wishes social media isn’t allowed for teenagers. While reading this I just couldn’t understand what kind of “friends”do things like this. People use that word too loosely shit I only have a few people I call that the others are just associates.

    it’s been said time and time again you don’t know what someone is going through mentally. I feel like someone should be charge something in cases like this is the only way to get people to truly learn that you can’t do stuff like this.

    May she rest in peace

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