Bullying Killed Brandy Vela In front of Her Family

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-5-32-47-pmeveryone say goodbye to brandy vela.
this story was so sad to me that i had to post.
so brandy killed herself over intense bullying.
the worst part?
she committed suicide in front of her family.
this is the story via cbs news
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One Snaps and A Suicide


snapchat is the new wave.
if you live under a rock,
snapchat is another social media service for your roster.
it uses images and short pictures to show your life “behind the scenes”.
after 24 hours,
the story is ghost and you start fresh with new updates.
the animals think because a story is erased,
they can do all kind of ratchet shit with no evidence left.
well the ex wolf of this 15 year old vixen thought he was getting revenge.
her supposed “friends” started it.
what he did was cause her to commit suicide via the daily beast
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The Boys Judge Me Because I Like “My Little Pony”

originaleveryone likes “my little pony”.
well, i think.
i never watched the cartoon personally,
but it seems to be the hot thing with the kiddies these days.
well one little boy has brain damage due to him liking “my little pony”
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Choke Me, Slap Me, Pull My Hair (The Bully Life)

hung from the school flag pole,
constant wedgies,
or pants being pulled down to reveal batman underwear.
you think of some kid being physically or emotionally tortured by their peers.
they’re probably timid or different,
but whatever it case is,
it makes them a target.
nowadays it seems anyone and everyone can be a subject of bullying.
even celebrities aren’t immune to the taunts of the social media thumb thugs.
so i had to ask…

Have you ever been bullied?

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She Got “A Train” Ran On And Then Jumped Infront A Train

how sad.
this was her last tweet before she jumped in front of a train:

let this be a lesson to everyone…

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Shut The HELL Up, @TamiRoman

Is it me, or did she look REAL crazy after she had the drink?
And then she go and take that chick’s bag?
She know Kesha is not a fighter and honestly, Kesha did not say anything about her that was that serious.
The coughing incident is what did it for me.
From the time she got in my face at that table,
I would have ordered a bottle from the bar and knocked that bitch’s head clean off her shoulders.
Don’t even talk to me like that.

I bet the editors wouldn’t have fucked that up, huh?

See people know who they can pick on, so this is why they do it.
You teach people how to treat you.
Learn that quick Kesha.

Tami says that, SHE, is tired of being bullied.
Yes, you read that right….

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