Choke Me, Slap Me, Pull My Hair (The Bully Life)

hung from the school flag pole,
constant wedgies,
or pants being pulled down to reveal batman underwear.
you think of some kid being physically or emotionally tortured by their peers.
they’re probably timid or different,
but whatever it case is,
it makes them a target.
nowadays it seems anyone and everyone can be a subject of bullying.
even celebrities aren’t immune to the taunts of the social media thumb thugs.
so i had to ask…

Have you ever been bullied?

i use to be bullied.
back in like 6th or 7th grade.
my bullies were a couple guys in my class.
the ring leader who initiated it was this jackal who was a lot more popular.
the class clown who was always getting into trouble.
he would do anything to humiliate me.
pull my chair before i sat,
throw things at me,
point out a flaw that i had.
they even drew this cartoon of me on my desk of this ugly kid who exaggerated features.
imagine coming back from being sick and seeing that on your desk?
i was really quiet that people would often ask me if i talked.
that made me a target.
it got so bad that i didn’t even want to go to school.

bullyingthe one incident that stands out the most was one day after school.
i stayed after a little longer for help with something.
well when i was leaving,
one of his friends came up to me being “nice”.
i made small talk,
but i felt uneasy about it.
when we walked outside they all ganged up on me.
it was about like 3 of them.
they grabbed me by my jacket and brought me into this alley.
how the school was,
there was these basement windows that had these spaces like this:

basement_egress_window_wellwell they pushed me in there and started to jump me as i was trying to climb out.
they punched me,
spit on me,
all while laughing as i cried.
one of the jackals felt pity for me and told them to chill.
he was the only who pulled me out and became nicer to me before i got transferred to another school.

look i’ve been there.
i’m sure someone reading has also been there too.
being bullied can turn you into a fighter or completely cripple you.
i learned that you have to speak up for yourself no matter how scared you are.
nowadays people will push you as far as they can.
sadly it can land you on wshh,
or even death.
there are adult bullies who make it their mission to intimidate you.
they are at your college or at your work place.
hell they maybe on your own team like richie incognito.
whats crazy to me is in this lifestyle,
there are soooooo many bullies out here.
queens using evidence to bully people they messed with secretly.
threatening to expose them to their families and work colleagues.
look at how peanut did to kerry rhodes.
funny how they will be the first to scream “hate crime” if the role was reversed.

glee-santanaBITCHPLZ-2a lot of times we can be the source of someone’s torment.
so you.
yeah you.
from “different” shaming,
down low terrorizing,
to just simply being an asshole

Are you a bully and don’t even realize it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Choke Me, Slap Me, Pull My Hair (The Bully Life)”

  1. Yea I been bullied in elementary school. But I really don’t remember too much about the bullies, I guess because they weren’t important and people who aren’t important to me I forget about them personally, but never forget what happen to me. But I do remember ugly ass kids always pick on me.

  2. Only in high school, just name calling though. But now I see the bullies all the time and they are doing terrible, sadly that makes me feel good. Now that I’m in college, I refuse to deal with anyone putting me down though.

  3. Yeah being bullied sucks, I was bullied when I was younger because I was a obvious gay kid. I couldn’t help the way I talked and acted but it didn’t matter to my bully. Once I got into high school that all stopped for some reason I think it was since everyone knew or thought I was gay it was common knowledge. Plus there were other more flamboyant gay kids at my school, I was (and still am) a geeky gay kid so my geek side overshadowed my gayness at times. I say the love and support from friends and family helped me.

  4. Some things really touch at me and bullying is one of them. I was bullied as a small kid for being light skin and those scars still stick with me to this day. As I was reading your story Jamari, I have to admit, I started bawling, man I even surprised myself. I get so emotional when I hear about a child being bullied. Now looking back though, I can almost say thank you to the bullies because it made me a stronger take no shit person. I have seen workplace bullies who pick on those who dont stand up for themselves, fortunately I have never had this problem in the workplace, as no job is worth my self respect and I will find a way to get your ass. If you have ever read Yahoo news and the comments you see they are over taken by racist cyber bullies who would run in real life if you confronting them. The internet has brought out the worst in so many people as no one is immune to cyber-bullying, as you are well aware with some of the trolls who get on here from time to time to bully you. At the end of the day you got to take a stand or a bat whichever you choose and say Hell to the Naw when someone bullies you.

  5. I used to be a bully, but I am no longer. I can’t even explain why I was so mean. However, some of the people I picked on are now my friends.

    Jamari, my heart dropped when I read what those bullies did to you. People’s stories let me know just how out of control bullying is.

  6. thanks @man @t
    ive only shared that with star fox and one or two close friends.
    i guess thats why im not with the confrontation and the fighting.
    i’ll cuss a muthafuck out with the quickness,
    but i’m all about pulling out a weapon and going 730.
    i refuse to be bullied again.

  7. Well one of your bullies from your past must have found your blog because they threatening to kill you on that latest entry. How stupid you be threatening a blogger, in a comment box, where there are witnesses?

  8. I was bullied in middle school mostly, but a little of high school.

    When I was in middle school, this older dude used to come and mess with all of us young kids.One day he decided to say I looked like Cousin Skeeter.That show was still on TV at the time.From then on, all the boys in my grade started teasing me and calling me Cousin Skeeter.It’s weird because you sound exactly like me in school.I mean EXACTLY like me.From your demeanor to your hatred of school.

    I had to sit next to this guy that was always playing around.He used to put me down almost everyday and smack the crap out of me.This one day, he smacked me so hard, I went flying because it was so powerful.I remember trying to stop myself from stumbling but I couldn’t.I felt so low and embarrassed because I was so weak.All the boys used to hit me and throw shit at me.It was just the thing to do, I guess.I remember one boy took my tray at lunch and dumped it on me.I was covered in chocolate milk and spaghetti.They also used to make fun of me because they said I sounded gay.That insult stopped when puberty hit and my voice became deep.

    I’m dyslexic.My head wasn’t grasping the learning process well.My dyslexia went undiagnosed for years.Had we caught it early, my school life probably would’ve been a bit different.Only a bit, because the teachers were mean as well.I remember my favorite teacher in my favorite subject, insinuated very loudly that I might be gay and everyone started laughing at me and going “ooooo!.”

    During those times, I thought about committing suicide.I felt like there was no way out because I had to deal with abuse at home and at school.My home life wasn’t good at all.There was a lot of verbal and physical abuse going on.So then to have to go to school and deal with it too, I couldn’t take it.I didn’t have any sanctuary.Not only that but I was gay.

    I was so lonely.I always used to pray to God and ask him could he do some magic and make me a new person.I wanted so badly to escape my life that I would fantasize about being someone else.I even made myself a new family in my head.

    What really bugged me was the vice-principal would always say they’re trying to stop school bullying.I thought “Yeah right bitch, I’m getting bullied with a teacher sitting a few desks away.”That day the bully smacked the shit out of me, there was a teacher in the room but he just sat at his desk.He apparently didn’t hear the loud ass smack nor the stumbling.


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