Choke Me, Slap Me, Pull My Hair (The Bully Life)

hung from the school flag pole,
constant wedgies,
or pants being pulled down to reveal batman underwear.
you think of some kid being physically or emotionally tortured by their peers.
they’re probably timid or different,
but whatever it case is,
it makes them a target.
nowadays it seems anyone and everyone can be a subject of bullying.
even celebrities aren’t immune to the taunts of the social media thumb thugs.
so i had to ask…

Have you ever been bullied?

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I’m Stuntin’ Cause of My Daddy!

tumblr_mphxqtbwsa1ql48q6o1_500i know that we like to talk about:

baller wolves

trust me,
i love talkin’ about it as well.
well this entry isn’t for the hoes.
sorry hoes.
we will continue that tomorrow.
i’m having a quiet day.
my spirit lead me to this through a few clicks.
i want you all to receive this…

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The Real Mister That Is Jamari Fox Show

All these people are stupid.
I don’t care what anyone tells me.
Every last one of them are stupid.
They have no idea how to play the game.
I’m more ashamed with that potential Hyena on there.
This is what’s wrong with good ho’ing today….

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The Secret I Wish I Never Knew

man is only as sick as his secrets – unknown

We all have secrets.
Face it.
Everyone walking among us has something about them that they are keeping from the world.
The cute Wolf you walked by this morning playing straight could be keeping a hidden secret.
Or, the Vixen you sit next to could be suffering from a horrible disease.
We all have something that we do not want people to know about us.
Or, we have something that we are holding in confidence about someone else.
They say that your secrets can eat you alive and cause you to live a stagnant life.
These kind of secrets can actually drive someone crazy,
in fear that it would be let out and shared with the world.
But, is that fear all in our minds?
Would it be that bad?

I started to wonder…

Are you scared of your secrets?

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