The Real Mister That Is Jamari Fox Show

All these people are stupid.
I don’t care what anyone tells me.
Every last one of them are stupid.
They have no idea how to play the game.
I’m more ashamed with that potential Hyena on there.
This is what’s wrong with good ho’ing today….

I understand you are a mistress.
(a jump off is lower on the totem pole, imo)
I am not going to say I am above that.
But, your job as a mistress (or mister) is to:

3 simple easy steps.
Mistress, imo, has clout as s/he is getting money and knows the Baller Wolf.
You take that money and try to establish yourself with some long term investments.
All while keeping your mouth SHUT.
Jump offs and side pieces get paid in penis,
and the occasional meal of the Dollar menu.

Why is it so difficult to understand this?
Why are you on a show exposing Wolves for fame?
What part of the game is this?

You got these ratchet ass people on television,
acting like they are stars,
because they fucking 2chainz.
You got bitches on Twitter putting up cell phone pictures,
Skype shots,
and other simple shit for attention.
That Joseline chick on Love and Hiphop ATL went from a nobody to now the spokesperson for hoedom.
Easy 20k followers… and this bitch can’t complete a sentence!

You done let every other Baller Wolf know you talk to much.
Your enemies will put all your shit for the last 15 years out there with receipts.
You also will look like a silly simple bitch in the end.

I don’t get it.
I really don’t.

I have my blog that I write on.
I would never be a silly ratchet hoe on my shit.
These other hoes need to follow suit.
Learn to make your teeth be a cage for your tongue.
It is a dark place when your sponsored life comes to an end.

a quick vent.

7 thoughts on “The Real Mister That Is Jamari Fox Show

  1. Fame is one hell of a drug and it’s one of the worse ones out there. Everybody wants it, and they don’t give a damn who the hell they step on to get it. A mistress or a mister is supposed to be seen and not heard, she/he will never come before a man’s wife no matter what. When will people ever learn?

  2. I get a lil upset at the baller wolves because they constantly go for these type of bitches, Idk, but I wanna know what theyre doing to reel the wolves in, if we figure that out, I know we got it in the bag….

  3. These are just some laffy taffy hoes dillydallyin’ and scallywaggin’.

    Tired of dizzy bitches, ol’ reckless unnecessary hoes.

    They need fifty lashes with a bamboo cane upside they muhfuggin heads.



  4. Desperate for fame and attention. That in combination with low self esteem is a horrible combination.

    Personally, I don’t believe there’s any benefit to being a mistress (or mister, whatever). You’re basically an escort. You get paid for your services. You can’t be a mistress and act up. That goes against the code. So, basically this man can call you up for ass and it’s your job to supply it.

    How is that any different than any of these other callboys and girls out here?

    It’s glamorized prostitution and I won’t support it.

    I watch a lot of shit and I understand it’s “entertainment”, but we really need to be careful what we’re teaching the youth.

  5. That’s the part I don’t understand. Kim K & Kim Z are the exceptions to jump-offs/mistresses made good. The rest of them heffas are azz out (anyone seen Kat Stacks recently? Or Supa Head?).

    Mayne look, I’d be quietly stacking paper…moving money into my own accounts, building a next egg – making sure that if/when the bottom falls out that I’m good. I wouldn’t even be flashy w/my ish. Only one who would know is me & him (or me & her). Fvck what you heard. The best way to stay the mistress is to keep your mouth shut.

    Silly Hoes

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