update: foxhole book club announcement!

so these last few weeks have been a shit show for me.
if it wasn’t one thing then it was the next.
we had a foxhole book club discussion to have about “invisible life” by e. lynn harris.
i have decided the date on when we will link…

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I Met A Wolf and I’m Already Acting Like “Boomquisha”.

“nothing sup with you…”
“liked your pictures and i want to get to know you…”
“lol i said i want to get to know you. i’m feeling what i see…”
“wait, what?”
“are you okay?
“i’m fine, i’m not retarded. you’re just… different… and that’s different.”


yeah foxes…
no sex?
no “how fat is my ass“?
no” when can we fuck“?
no “can we chill one day to watch a movie“?
you actually… want to get know me?
what’s wrong with you?

an illusion?
a robot?
your left leg is longer than the right?

we all have a hidden “boomquisha/pookie” within us.
that “eye rolling/huffin and puffin/”why is you lying?” spirit that thinks everything is not what it is.
as much as we want to be “buffy/scott“:
the smiling/excited/naive spirit!
… we sometimes simply can’t.

you stay with a hard eye roll because you already know “seeing it believing” and “niggas is bullshit“.
it is a shocker when someone in the lifestyle actually wants to get to know you.
are we so jaded into already thinking the wolf on the other end may only be interested in one thing?
or, is this what the lifestyle has brought us?

i started to wonder…

Do we sabotage potential relationships with our thoughts?

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The Real Mister That Is Jamari Fox Show

All these people are stupid.
I don’t care what anyone tells me.
Every last one of them are stupid.
They have no idea how to play the game.
I’m more ashamed with that potential Hyena on there.
This is what’s wrong with good ho’ing today….

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I’ll Tweet That Wolf To Go And Then Friend Him For Life!


1 tweet.
75 re-tweets.
10 favorites.
250 mentions.

Dating has turned into social media spectacle.
The social media spectacle has turned into a hot ass mess.
That hot ass mess is our reality.

Social media has destroyed dating, yet it has advanced our life in many ways.
It allows us to connect with people from the past,
take pictures of our daily lives,
and show our exact “geo” on a map.
But, it has pretty much set us back when it comes to finding a good man.

How many times have you met someone online,
go on a great date with him,
hit it off well,
and come home that night to see him back online?

But, what if all this tweeting and Facebooking has become a convenient mask?
You don’t even need to fuck anymore.
I can Skype your OoVoo in my face.
I started to wonder…

Has social media made it harder to date?

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