Your 36th Thought…. (36)

Looks like this summer will be one for craziness.
Be ready for this one…


Sarah Oliver
 is a white “video vixen”/booty model who takes the cameras into her plastic surgery appointments to document her ass shots.  And she explains why she only dates married men. She also called black women’s genitalia “gross” and says, “A brown skin pu**y with a pink inside…who would want that?!”

I guess white women who purposely parade themselves as side hos (that’s essentially how Sarah describes herself) and demean ALL black women’s genitalia is OK for creator Memphitz Wright and whoever is producing this….as long as it brings in the viewers.  Two thumps up.

Maliah Michelle is a proud stripper who has dated several celebs…married and single.  And she dishes on all the material things she gets…so it justifies why she’s a better person than most apparently.  Sadly, she’s the most articulate one, but is clearly misguided.

MJ is trying to become a rapper apparently…and we’re going to leave it at that.  Brandan speaks on the athletes, actors and other celebrity men he gets down with. And Rosee Divine is a French “model” who is at the beck and call of NBA players and celebrity men.

The end quote from the trailer voiced by one of the cast members: “If a b*tch got a pu**y and she aint got a million dollars, she needs to see a psychiatrist.


…. and this is produced by Memphitz.
Is this a RED FLAG Toya?


Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Your 36th Thought…. (36)”

  1. All these sad and lost people doing strange things for change.

    Grown ass women and men proud of being sideline whores and cum dumpsters for cash. This shit ain’t cute or normal. They don’t have status. Guarantee none of their names appear on any lucrative accounts. They don’t have access codes to shit, and they proud being on the sidelines…

    These ain’t models, these are pressed–repressed, oppressed, and depressed–whores.

    If they were really who they think they are, why the fuck would they mess up their business by exposing themselves for the world to see? Sidelines means exactly that. The sides! These bitches on front street smizing and cheesing.


    Sidenote: I don’t trust no chick who has had a baby by Beetlejuice or any dude who has gone after someone who has had a baby by Beetlejuice.

  2. My first thought; this ish is going to be crazy.

    S/N: From what I have read this show hasn’t even been picked up by a network so…WTF? I wonder what network is going to pick it up, that’s if it even gets picked up at all. VH1(they have more sense than what we think) or Bravo definitely will not, that’s kinda clear. I could see BET picking it up tho. MTV might, but I doubt it. Well either way, it’s going to be cancelled very quick cause I can see this show getting messy, especially with Mary Jane, Rosee and Sarah. They will have niggas sitting on pins and needles. Maliah seems like the coolest one, and l hope that Brandan doesn’t start blowing niggas up.

  3. They’re just a reflection of the times. Everyone’s mentality is “get money by any means”. I wasn’t raised that way. You have to have some kind of integrity and all money isn’t good money.

    These dummies aren’t even selling themselves for wealth that will actually take care of their grandkids, just money that will slip through their hands like sand.

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