The Secret I Wish I Never Knew

man is only as sick as his secrets – unknown

We all have secrets.
Face it.
Everyone walking among us has something about them that they are keeping from the world.
The cute Wolf you walked by this morning playing straight could be keeping a hidden secret.
Or, the Vixen you sit next to could be suffering from a horrible disease.
We all have something that we do not want people to know about us.
Or, we have something that we are holding in confidence about someone else.
They say that your secrets can eat you alive and cause you to live a stagnant life.
These kind of secrets can actually drive someone crazy,
in fear that it would be let out and shared with the world.
But, is that fear all in our minds?
Would it be that bad?

I started to wonder…

Are you scared of your secrets?

I have many secrets.
Ones that I am sure shared with others, they would look at me differently.
I try to keep my life as private as possible, which causes people to find interest in my secret details.
I do find those one or two people who I feel can keep a secret I share some of my intimate hush-hush with.
But, I often admire those who live like an open book.
They let the world in, without a care in the world or what anyone has to say about them.
I truly admire those who can let go and not give a fuck.

I also have kept secrets for other people.
People always trust me with their deepest secrets, and no matter how sick or confusing, I know how to keep them.
From the Wolf who is on the DL that wants no one to know,
to the Vixen who is cheating on her man with someone who is treat her better.
I like to think that as much as I can keep a secret, people can do the same for me.

Sadly, in this world today, there is no guarantee for that.

The fact I gave my biggest secret to Rapper Wolf has been bothering me since then.
Will he switch up and use it against me?
Or, will he keep it private and be a trustworthy?
Time will definitely tell…
…but I can tell I will obsess about it until I can’t anymore.

I started to wonder about secrets and trust.
What is the effective way to keep a secret?
Should we have a secret by secret trade-off program?
Or, should we just have faith that the other person won’t turn out to be a blabber mouth?

The one couple of thoughts going through my mind ends up the same.
Sitting here trying to come up with ways to keep my secret a secret.
I had to ask…

How much can you keep a secret?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Secret I Wish I Never Knew”

  1. The only way to keep a secret is to tell no one.

    “Every friend has a friend. If you tell me your secrets, I assume you want my close friends to know as well.”

    There are some secrets I could not even verbalize to tell someone.

  2. The best way I can keep a secret is telling not a soul in the world. I know people that can say somthing and not mean to say it. Or be a undercover jackel and want to “spill your tea”. I would say write them down in a journal but that could fall in the wrong hands one day. So the best way is to take it to your grave. Unless that person does you dirty then tweet it or post it on Facebook

  3. i agree with you OMG007!!!….I think that if one person who you trust kno your secrets….its not necessarily a secret anymore, so therefore you cant be too sick….i keep a journal and i lost one at a school i was working for i beleave one of the devious kids threw it in the garbage. i was sick for a whole week….to this very day i dont kno what happen to it.

  4. Yea… Jamari I still can’t believe u told him about your site bro. The way u can keep your secrets is by never telling anyone at all, think about it for a second. If u don’t tell anyone, then nobody will find out. They may suspect but they wont get confirmation. If you’re sloppy with your shit like some people are, then it’s a whole nother story.

  5. If you have to get it out, write it down and then burn it. There is no rule stating that you have to share your deepest darkest/lightest secrets. Have a little mystery.

    Only share with others things you don’t mind being repeated, live as truthfully as possible so it doesn’t matter if it is repeated.

    Loose lips sink ships–friendships included.

  6. I have to say that i told my best friend the other day that i was bi and i thought that he would take it like “Man go away ” or star pushing me away from him or something like that, he just sat there and start asking me bout things, bout the lifestyle know what im saying? he even told me a secret bout another friend of us, who i didn’t even suspect that he had a gay experience in the past , he was so kind and so unbelievable to see how he took it, he even told me that he will be my friend for ever and that deep down he knew that i was bi , but he broke the fairytale moment when he suggested me to get a doctor and see if he could inject me more male hormones , i told him u know what? im not sick and i told u this because i was in love with u and im still in love with you, but i took my spot as a friend and decided that i was not going to hit on you, he say yeah that’s how its suppose to be i even told him the he use to turn me on, cuz jamary he got some nice cakes and every time i come around he is in boxers LOOOORDDD MY MOUTH GET WET FROM JUST THINKING BOUT THE WAYS I CAN ROCK THAT BED WITH HIM, but i have to calm my inner beast and act like a good friend that i am and today we still hang around like nothing happened

  7. I have very secrets. I get told private things by Others a lot. Often times, if it’s something really deep, I need to talk about whatever the issue is with someone else without making it about the person (if that makes sense). I’ve learned early on to live as truthfully as possible and do things I wouldn’t mind people knowing about. That way, I have nothing to worry

  8. JAY :
    The only way to keep a secret is to tell no one.
    “Every friend has a friend. If you tell me your secrets, I assume you want my close friends to know as well.”
    There are some secrets I could not even verbalize to tell someone.


    I’m a really good keeper of secrets though, strangely enough.

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