The Day I Met Anthony Burrell… and Now I See Him Naked

I use to have a major crush on this dude.
He is so limber and flexible.
I would see him in various Beyonce’s Child videos and say to myself:


Then I was blessed in meeting him in person a while later….
(Guess the Law of Attraction does work)
I had to do a some work for a casting for one of Destiny’s Child’s dancer auditions.
It was for their big Destiny’s Fulfilled tour.
Anyway Frank Gaston was there, directing the happy (and wet)
hopefuls to do some choregraphy for Janet “Control”
…but all I could think as I was working was:

“I want this man to fuck me and I do not know HOW to have that happen lol”

Oh Anthony is fineeee….
He was wearing this red t shirt and a fitted, if I could remember correctly.

He is actually finer in person.
Taller than me (which is a +) and just… delicious.
He was talking to me and just looking in my eyes and all I could do was imagine what he would look like naked…

Thank you MTO for once again fulfilling my fantasies.
Here he is…


Kudos for having Sidney Poitier’s “Measure of a Man”.
Shows some brain power.

Well I WAS having a bad day, but now I’m smiling.
Who knows what the future will bring. 


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Day I Met Anthony Burrell… and Now I See Him Naked”

  1. Was he in the “jumpin’ jumpin'” video? The one who said “i aint thinking about my girl tonight?”

    1. i’m actually waiting for word on snaggin them.
      as i hear, they can’t release the full naked shots for whatever reason…
      but you can trust that I will have them up when i get them.

      thanks jake for tuning in

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