just because you might f*ck me good that doesn’t mean you’d make a good boyfriend

i know you want to fuck me,
and i definitely want you to,
but i asked myself yesterday…

Would you make a good boyfriend?

even a friend?
your actions contradict my fantasies.
that was the thought i woke up with on my spirit today…

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you can’t control the car that’s about to crash

i did it with work wolf.
i did it with many others i once knew.
it was the last card i pulled in hopes to see where we stood.
i figured it would save me when i felt i was gonna crash.
i still maintained the most injuries in the end.
it makes me cringe when i think about it…

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I’m “TIED” of Being Someone’s Emotional Blow Up Doll

i’m starting to think dealing with other folks is like ^that maze above.
some days,
you think you’re on the right path and direction.
the next,
you bumping into dead ends and falling through trap doors.
one of the reasons i sit my ass down until I’M READY now.
i wish i did the same when dealing with males tho.
when dealing with the same sex,
it’s navigating in the dark with a lit match.
i’ve come to learn that everyone wants “control”,
but males are the worst with how they go about it.
take this “straight” wolf that loves to boldy flirt with me…

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I Want You To Be (In Control)

anime-anime-boy-arms-black-and-white-Favim.com-1200026while watching 50 shades of grey today,
i had to ask myself:

“would i let a baller wolf do this to me?”

as sexy as i like a wolf to control me,
and i’m not afraid to tied up in the sake of pleasure,
christian grey came off as a damn near an emotional abuser.
okay so (and kinda spoilers)…
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(I Want U) Control Me

tumblr_static_these-kneesi’m getting on my knees tonight.
my boss and liar liar are not in.

when i asked god for a good week ahead,
he definitely came through with this good start.
so i called star fox’s mother to see how she was doing.
i like to check in on her from time to time.
we have gotten pretty closer as the year went on.
we got into a nice convo about the subject:

“giving god complete control of our life”

a subject and way of life i’m not good at.
last week,
i saw a quote from rihanna in the new harper’s bazaar.
it stuck with me.
the question the interviewer asked her was about her being fearless.
she said:

“R: I think I’m like most people—we fear the unknown and the things that have yet to come to pass, which are the very things that don’t deserve to be feared. When you give God complete control, it’s very hard not to be fearless.”

i found that answer so interesting.
i admire her for her attitude.
i’m sure she has issues,
but as you can tell,
she barely ever has fucks to give.
so that lead into the discussion today.
she gave me a link and told me only when i’m ready to say this prayer.
its the “prayer of surrendering”.
i’m ready to do it tonight before bed,
but i wanted to share it with the foxhole who is also ready.
so whenever you are ready to give up control,
this is what you need to say…
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“What Is You Doing? You Gotta Go To Work On James Harden Feet!”

james-harden-portraitballer wolf for the houston rockets,
james harden,
has an issue.
maybe 10 issues.
it seems all his lil’ piggies have died.
an f-bi sent me the crime scene…
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