I Want You To Be (In Control)

anime-anime-boy-arms-black-and-white-Favim.com-1200026while watching 50 shades of grey today,
i had to ask myself:

“would i let a baller wolf do this to me?”

as sexy as i like a wolf to control me,
and i’m not afraid to tied up in the sake of pleasure,
christian grey came off as a damn near an emotional abuser.
okay so (and kinda spoilers)…

bland virginal vixen meets dashing and rich baller wolf.
he has rules he wants her to follow.
not only does he make her sign a nda,
she also has to sign another contract.

“the dominant and submissive” contract/rules.

she has to sleep in another room
she has to do what he says
she has to be spanked when she does bad things
she has to obey his every command
she has to be tied up in his “play room”

tumblr_nkjv7zkTvl1rh1kxxo6_250he was also a lowkey stalker as well.
he broke in her apartment after she dismissed him.
when she went away,
he followed her where she was.
he was all about punishment.
he liked to give spankings.
with hands and with whips.
he didn’t let anyone get close to him.
i was done when he flogged her with a whip while she was crying.

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_4pn37ox6a8ows8k044s4ks8g0_640he used severe sexual acts to achieve gratification for internal punishment.
the wolf was seriously disturbed.

even tho the movie was a waste of time,
but it brought up some interesting points.
we are all fucked up.
some more than others.
whether it is using sex or hurting people,
there are some that get complete satisfaction out of inflicting pain.
one of the reasons why some wolves in power like to be dominated.
they do it in their real life,
so in their “play rooms”,
they don’t mind being slapped around a bit.

there are many wolves in this life like “christan grey”.
they are closed off from feeling any kind of emotion.
they want to fuck you,
but the thought of loving another man…

persons-0111then they meet us.
the fox who happens to be different.
the ones that aren’t like the others.
the only problem is:

he doesn’t want to lose control

falling in love with someone,
especially a man,
requires that.
so like bdsm,
they’ll have you out here on your knees beggin’ for them.
being obedient while he is still on jack’d.
saying “yes daddy” to fuck shit.
tying up our emotions and making it rough.
sometimes never cummin’ back at all.

tumblr_nkjidyoycb1so22ino2_500relationships these days are like a “play room”.
it is all sex and power games.
some are looking to strictly dominant.
either with a fox or turning out another wolf.
others just want to submissive.
they just want him to take control and go from there.
then there are those in the middle who go where the wind blows.
personally i am submissive and want to be turned out.
i try to be in control in my real life,
but i want to meet a wolf who will allow me to let go.
i yearn to let go.
i want an adventure.
i want to be fucked into next week.
i want to be punished when i’m bad.
i want to be spanked so hard i can’t sit down a week.

tumblr_nkjpge2BvL1tpccfko1_500i just don’t want to be hurt.
don’t hurt me.

one thing i liked is that christian grey is he made her his world.
he pursued her.
he was aggressive.
a little too aggressive,
but he showed interest.
he introduced her to a world she never experienced.
those are the things that turn me on,
but alas everything comes with a price.
no one is perfect.
everyone comes with “something”.
sometimes some deep scary shit.
i guess its what we are willing to put up with for the sake of companionship.
what am i willing to put up with?
so i had to ask you

What are you willing to put up with?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “I Want You To Be (In Control)”

  1. I would love to blindfold some Fox, tie him down, and dig in him good, but I don’t like to be tied up myself so. I know that ain’t gone fly lol.

      1. Yea, I know its not fair. That’s why I said it ain’t gone fly lol. I have a fear of being robbed and beaten while tied down lol. None of you Foxes would do that to a Wolf would you?

  2. I used to be very submissive but not anymore. I’m a little too aggressive when it comes to sex. Foxes usually come back for more but wolves not so much don’t know why?

      1. You know what J, now that I’m thinking about it I think you are right. Foxes expect me to be a full wolf. They seem disappointed when I tell them I’m a hybrid. But the thing is I have to be in control all the time. It’s hard for me to let someone else take control though.

        No wonder all I can pull off is fem/ slightly fem dudes. The type of dudes of dudes you usually post on here, the ones I like, don’t even look my way when I’m trying to make eye contact. Or sometimes they give me a head nod and that’s about it. Smdh

        1. ^i think its because they don’t know how to sniff you out.
          you’re like me.
          It’s easy to spot a fem fox.
          it’s harder to spot a discreet and masculine ANYTHING.
          you blend into the crowd and the wolf doesn’t want to be wrong.

  3. This movie is nothing but the updated version of 9 1/2 Weeks, which is one of my favorite films. LOL

  4. Eh, I think the fact people find this movie and its content sexy is quite disturbing.

    I mean the two lead characters could easily be diagnosed with personality disorders.

    Yes everyone has their own issues, but not in the same vein of the characters in this movie.

    I mean sex is a wonderful thing, but I’m honestly getting tired of it being everywhere and in everything.

    When you start dedicating rooms in your house to sexual acts that’s a little obsessive.

    Everyone says they want meaningful relationships, but when I see couples that have been married 20+ years like my parents you realize there had to be something more than sex holding them together.

    The sad part is I’m sure there are some pathetic housewives that are comparing their real marriages to this crap.

  5. I saw this movie last week and to be honest I thought the vixen was a bigger Manipulator than The wolf was. She knew how to say things and give tease . Plus (Spoiler alert) she never signed the sex contact and still kinda changed him except for the ending spanking scene.

    I would love to be able to meet a wolf like Christian, one who has money, power, sex appeal, knows what’s he wants, and is willing to chase me. his character had issues but as least she knew he wanted her there were no if ands and butts about that.

    P.S. The movie soundtrack is dope, I wasn’t a fan of the weekend before but damn it I am now.

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