I’m Sorry

green-plastic-toy-soldier-army-morph-costume-1i’m sorry…

i’m sorry for putting you down.
i’m sorry for believing what other people said.
i’m sorry for hurting you.
i’m sorry for beatin’ you up.
i’m sorry for stabbing you in the front.
i’m sorry for making you feel less than.
i’m sorry for not standing up for you.
i’m sorry for causing you so much pain.
i’m sorry for letting the wrong people in.
i’m sorry for being stagnant and not rising above.
i’m sorry for not believing in you.
i’m sorry.

i looked in the mirror today and just looked at myself.
in my eyes.
seeing who i am.
what i have become.
i realized the only person i’ve been hurting is me.

this is now a new month.
like a solider,
i plan to keep on marching on towards my destiny.
climbing up this mountain and going to higher heights.
i have had a few setbacks,
but those will not be used as excuses.
i can’t do it alone or with a ton of baggage on my back.
today i burn all the things that i’ve used to hurt myself.
the words.
the thoughts.
the ideas.
tumblr_inline_mt55i8uMDN1qezorqi encourage you all in the foxhole to continue with me on this journey.
its also time to look in the mirror and confront whats wrong in your life.
we can say its people or circumstance.
it could really just be us.
its time to start anew.
its time to be brave and take responsibility.
its time to accept the things that aren’t and believe in the things that will be.
its time to let go of the people that are contributing to the pain.
its time to say goodbye.
“its not you; its me”.
we have been hurting ourselves for too long.
let’s get prepared for a new season.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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