She Tryna Get The Pipe(s)

B_BwjurW4AAqxNO…am i wrong?

lowkey: i don’t blame her.
maybe its my ratchet side talking,
but can we say:

“the drawbridge”

google it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “She Tryna Get The Pipe(s)”

  1. Lmao The look on Chris’ face. If it was me I would let them run a train on me lol. Just Chris and Trey tho maybe August. Non of the entourage

  2. Here’s one definition of “drawbridge” from the Urban Dictionary online:
    A sexual act with two males and one female. One male will receive oral while the other will have sex from behind. The man performing sex will grab the back of the woman’s head and lift it up and down on the other man’s penis like a drawbridge.
    To avoid injury it is best not to lower the drawbridge too fast.

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