She Tryna Get The Pipe(s)

B_BwjurW4AAqxNO…am i wrong?

lowkey: i don’t blame her.
maybe its my ratchet side talking,
but can we say:

“the drawbridge”

google it.

Well Chris Brown Told-ed Me Today

tumblr_njplcuHV8N1r93ieyo1_1280i can admit my wrongs.
i’m not like these other bloggers out here.
the ones who will throw dirt even tho they wrong.
so i wrote a quick entry about christopher and tremaine’s concert.
its a entry below.
apparently from some pictures i saw,
it had empty seats.
well he told my ass to find a seat on instagram with this today…
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They Had A lot of Seats At Christopher and Tremaine Tour

B9r0o0fIYAA4o-C Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.43.14 PMdamn.
the only person i feel sorry for is tremaine.
chris fucked that whole tour up with his nonsense.
i feel this will humble him tremendously.
they should have booked smaller venues tho.
beyonce wasn’t on that tour.

lowkey: they could have well have moved down.
its not like security would have messed with them.

picture taken: twitter

Chris Brown Has Been Grounded

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.42.41 PMwell if you had your tickets to see chris brown in concert,
you better re-arrange your schedule.
this is what my dear christopher said on instagram
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Trey Songz and August Alsina Do Usher

usher-that-grape-juice-she-is-diva-that-grape-juice-1-600x465oh wait…
did you think this was some backstage gossip?
you sick pervert!
how could you?
so usher brought out foxhole favs,
august alsina and trey songz,
on stage.
he is currently all over the country for the #urxconcert.
he recorded a video for ushertv and well…
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