Trey Songz and August Alsina Do Usher

usher-that-grape-juice-she-is-diva-that-grape-juice-1-600x465oh wait…
did you think this was some backstage gossip?
you sick pervert!
how could you?
so usher brought out foxhole favs,
august alsina and trey songz,
on stage.
he is currently all over the country for the #urxconcert.
he recorded a video for ushertv and well…

trey and august are so cute.
that was interesting.
i kinda wish usher wold have dropped his own verse,
but alas,
he let them get some much needed shine.
if you want to check out usher,
and august who is opening for him,
you can buy tickets for the #urxtour:

x here

…and if you want to join trey and chris,
with special guest august alsina and opener tyga on selected dates,
for the “between the sheets” tour:


you can purchase your tickets:

x here

lowkey: i feel like this chris x trey tour is going to be kinda…
i feel a lot of antics are about to go on.
groupies and ratchet hoes please start your engines!
i would love attend tho,
but between “team breezy” and “the angels”
hell naw.

now if i had special access with good seats
to write a concert review when they cum to new yawk…
i’d be there.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Trey Songz and August Alsina Do Usher”

  1. Usher and August can get it. Damn, I wanna make August’s knees buckle.

    I really hope Usher revives his career and get back to where he once was. They claim his new album is like Confessions, and I truly hope so. I was a lil man when that shit came out, but trust me when I say that I understood and comprehended every word that came from his mouth lol.

  2. Damn. When did R&B become so ratchet & hood. Usher seems well put together but the new gen seems to have taken more after their R&B forefathers Bobby Brown & R.Kelly. Chris Brown wearing grills! How the hell can you get turned on by a pineapple with gold teeth singing to you.

    The perfect combo would be August’s lips>Trey’s body>Chris’s stroke>.

  3. LMAO…you couldn’t PAY me to see Chris Brown or Trey Songz in concert.
    Now if Chris lip-synched his show to concentrate on dancing…THAT I would pay to see, because hands down….the boy is bad! But to hear him try to dance AND sing…I’ll pass.
    Trey…I’ll stick to his CD’s. LOL

  4. I look forward to when they arrive in Chicago. This tour is going to produce great content, ahem, I mean highly produced live clips w/ shirltess-sagging from Trey and I hope Breezy performs Take You Down like he did in 08-09!!

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