God Likes When You Sing That You Aren’t Gay No More

andrew-caldwellwhen you get your 15 minutes of fame,
you better act quick.
you need to strike with a series of moves that may extend your clock.
well mister “i love the wimmenz”,
andrew caldwell,
has a new song out.
a song.
you may hear this at your local church one day.
it’s called “i’m not gay no more” featuring andre forbes


x listen to “i’m not gay no more” (gospel remix) here

hank-schrader-gifwait a darn minute…
i posted about that ( x here )!
who knew that was a real song????!!
well the single comes with a karaoke version and the instrumental.
he better save those funds because the church isn’t happy.
they want to sue his ass:

The church where the “I’m Not Gay No More” guy went straight is not only intolerant toward gays, they have an intense dislike for people who steal their tunes.

The Church of God in Christ insists Andrew Caldwell call in the lawyers … because their now-famous parishioner jazzed up his hilarious moment with background singers and released it on iTunes.  

A church honcho says they’re ordering him to stop hawking the song partly because they own the audio, but also because they feel Andrew is making a mockery of the service … and that’s hilarious.

But Andrew’s calling BS, telling TMZ he’s copyrighted the song … and says it’s his voice and only he — not even God — can claim ownership of it.

i thought he said that this was a serious moment for him?
that he wanted others to “follow in his footsteps”?
the church also released a statement about the video and what happened:

Church of God in Christ PR
[email protected]

Church of God in Christ

Statement on Video Airing From 107th Holy Convocation

“A video, which is now viral, of a young man stating his deliverance from a particular lifestyle does not, in any capacity, speak to all of the remarkable things that transpired during this great church convention.

We believe that we should reflect the love and compassion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all that we do.  We do not in any way compromise our biblical position against same sex unions or in favor of biblical teaching on matters of sexual conduct.  At the same time we expect that our clergy and laity will be civil and considerate as they speak to men and women regarding issues related to our Christian faith.  We love all people, regardless of their faith or moral standards.  When we fail to express ourselves with love and humility we contradict our witness to the world.

Furthermore, the Church of God in Christ wholly condemns acts of violence against and the subjugation of any person to verbal or physical harassment on the basis of their sexual stance. Such actions violate entirely the Christian’s obligation to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

The Church of God in Christ will have no further comment on this matter.”

presiding bishop charles e blake also apologized about the entire service:

well ^that was a twist i didn’t see coming.
the church extended their 15 minutes.
it’s good that they didn’t approve of that sermon…
…and the bad pr that came with it.
i wonder if all those people clapping,
were also “cosigning” during andrew’s coming “in”?

as for andrew:
14 minutes and counting.

lowkey: well andrew is like other ratchet church folks.
selling his soul for a quick buck.
i wonder if he will perform the song?
i’m sure that will be a real trea

article: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “God Likes When You Sing That You Aren’t Gay No More”

  1. That shit was low-key catchy. The smooth background vocals along with the yelling sounded like a blend of R&B and Heavy Metal. I was into it but at the same time, scared. What a joke tho. “Wimmenz” He couldn’t at least take away the gay southern twang when announcing how he was deliverT from “a particular lifestyle.” That church issued a statement because they realized how stupid this is making them look. Y’all ain’t deliverT nobody. Just allowing that criminal to commit even more fraud.

  2. This dude is a fraud, liar, and basically an all around con-artist, not to mention opportunist. The church feels foolish now as they should. They want a piece of that profit now huh? How much y’all wanna bet this dude has been banged out every which way since the day he went on his straight and narrow path? Let him run into a dude like Michael Hendrix or JJ James. His draws would be wrapped around his neck.

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