f0xmail: He Isn’t My “Ideal”, but I May Want Give Him My Virginity. Help!


Hey Jamari,
Been lurking in the foxhole for years – needless to say I enjoy everything I read.
Thank you for your authenticity and for your insight. Just by being you, you’re not only entertaining and informing folk, you’re helping folk.
Getting down to it, I need a third opinion on a situation I’m in.
Ok, so … we all have a thing right? My thing has always been height. I’m 26, 5’11, and am really only attracted to guys taller than me. Don’t know what it is but it’s always been that way. I feel like there’d be a thrill in topping a tall guy and I’ve always made the joke that I’d never let an itty bitty baby climb my back. I am equal opportunity however and have found myself attracted to (and talking to) dark, light, wide, narrow, masculine, feminine but the deal breaker has always been height. I’ve liked random athletes and celebrities and once I discovered they were shorter than me, it’s like a switch flipped. Instant turn-off.
Also, I’m like the last gay virgin. I have always wanted the first time to be with a dude I was in a relationship with. I have missed some good FINE piece but at least they were straight up and let me know they just wanted to fuck with no pretense. I don’t want the first time to be a random I get sprung over.
Fast forward to today. I recently made a friend in a colleague who I assumed was straight. After he left the company for a better position, we got closer and started hanging out. I’m not really flamboyant so after a couple months, he asked me if I was gay. I admitted I was and he admitted he was bi and that he only befriended me because he thought he could smash. Negative. He’s like 5’9. On top of that, I do not find him attractive at all. What’s the problem then? His energy, his aura … is sexy AF!!! Now that we know about each other, he’s always making comments and jokes about having me. I laugh it off but I think about it. He’s so confident it’s sexy. And sometimes I even find myself jacking off to the thought of him. But, I repeat, I don’t like him! It’s like I’m just super horny. He’s asked me if I would ever consider a relationship with him – we’ve had very candid convos – and I admitted I wouldn’t. Before that, I even got pissy drunk one night, got horny, and found my way over to his condo. He felt me up but he didn’t take advantage – said he wanted me to make that decision in my right mind.
Should I give him a chance? Shade is, I really wanna fuck and get fucked but I always I thought it’d be with a tall guy who I was actually attracted-attracted to. He really is good people tho. I just don’t want to feel like I am compromising what I want…or thought I’d have? Could it be he just happens to be present and showing me attention? My BFF thinks I’m being superficial and acting spoiled. My sis says I’m just worried that after holding out for so long, nothing else will come around.

what would you do?
what would y’all do?


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A Full Basket and No Sausage

shopping-basket-007i was struggling with my basket tonight at the supermarket.
imagine trying to juggle a basket full of food in one hand,
and a full duffle bag in the next?

well that was me tonight.
the amazing jamari fox!
come one!
come all!
and thats when he came in my direction...
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Jay Ellis May Have Just Pulled Me In For Another Round

bet’s the game has gone through a bit of a change since i last watched.
i think the last episode i watched was on the cw.
even though brandy joined the cast,
bet is known to fuck up a good thing.
as you know,
med school and derwin are out.

i don’t even know why they got rid of kelly.
today i was looking at the new cast trailer for this new season and this:


this is the new meat!!!
let’s see a little more of this, shall we?…

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Lebron James and Dr. Dre Look Good Together

you know how i feel about this tall mofo

climb that mountain with no issue.
i like it when he dresses up.
he always looks dapper.
him and dr dre got the cover for espn music issue this month and well…

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Lay Down Some Rubber (29)

I met this Wolf in person before.
Believe me when I say, I wanted to climb THAT mountain.
But this isn’t about me right now…

So take a look at this one here and tell me…

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The Day I Met Anthony Burrell… and Now I See Him Naked

I use to have a major crush on this dude.
He is so limber and flexible.
I would see him in various Beyonce’s Child videos and say to myself:


Then I was blessed in meeting him in person a while later….
(Guess the Law of Attraction does work)
I had to do a some work for a casting for one of Destiny’s Child’s dancer auditions.
It was for their big Destiny’s Fulfilled tour.
Anyway Frank Gaston was there, directing the happy (and wet)
hopefuls to do some choregraphy for Janet “Control”
…but all I could think as I was working was:

“I want this man to fuck me and I do not know HOW to have that happen lol”

Oh Anthony is fineeee….
He was wearing this red t shirt and a fitted, if I could remember correctly.
He is actually finer in person.
Taller than me (which is a +) and just… delicious.
He was talking to me and just looking in my eyes and all I could do was imagine what he would look like naked…

Thank you MTO for once again fulfilling my fantasies.
Here he is…

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