A Full Basket and No Sausage

shopping-basket-007i was struggling with my basket tonight at the supermarket.
imagine trying to juggle a basket full of food in one hand,
and a full duffle bag in the next?

well that was me tonight.
the amazing jamari fox!
come one!
come all!
and thats when he came in my direction...

he was so fiine that he made me stop.
this old lady in a walker damn near ran into me.
he had a smile on his face.
i don’t know from who,
but i wish it was because he saw me.
he was tall,
either dominican or rican,
and looked like just like tyler lepley.
you know this wolf:

20131023-211130he had the same complexion and haircut.
looking like “tyler lepley” will get you the bunz without a problem.
i never saw this wolf before,
but he seemed to know everyone in the store.
i wanted to know him.
he was wearing a matching sweat suit and some black boots.
he was also carrying a plump ass.
yeah i waited to look back when he walked by.
he had a slight sag so i could see his ass moving with every step.


something like ^that.
his boxers were dark blue tho.
i could see the outline of where his cheeks started.
i started wondeingr what his “la salchicha” looked like?tumblr_lic516OkrW1qeqcceo1_500the tall ones are usually packing a big something.
he stood over by the dranks and pulled out a pack of corona.
i imagined him texting me and asking me if i was hungry.


“on sec thought pick up hamburger meat…”

i wanted time to slow down when i was at the register.
i wanted him behind me.
he was texting as he walked towards vegetables.

“your bill comes to 27.89.”

the young vixen said.
i handed them my debit card.
he disappeared within the store so i didn’t see him anymore.


as i was waiting to cross the street,
he walked out.
when i crossed,
we were both walking in unison on both sides.
i loved his walk.
i also loved you could see the curve of his ass from the side.
i’ve decided i would let him cum all over my face.
write me a love letter when he is finished.
his pipe is the pen and his cum as the ink.











my ratchet side said that.
i was determined to follow him to see how far he lived from me.
my street was the next block so i hope he lived close.
he should.
he wasn’t wearing a heavy jacket and its pretty brick out.
well to my surprise i was right.
he lives in the building right next door to the supermarket.
i hope i can see him again.
i’ll name him “big ty”.
i want the universe to bring “big ty” into my ass mouth ear life for 2015.

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “A Full Basket and No Sausage”

  1. I was imagining the scene as I was reading and all i can say is i wish i was there to see him in person. But i cant wait for summer now

  2. Jamari, you should think of scenarios whereby you can meet and actually talk to these guys that you write about. Situation A: Scenario A. Situation B: Scenario B. Etc.

  3. I love running into a fine wolf at the store. It always makes myt day and it’s a great lesson to remind myself to always leave my crib on point cuz you’ll never know who you might run into.

    1. ^Amen Mikey!! I remember going to 7-Eleven one Sunday morning looking busted (at least I thought so) and there was this good looking dude in there. I said to myself you dummy. Lol

  4. Jamari…I do similar things when I see a phyne ass dude in the store. I make a point to go down the aisle where he is or I try to be in line with him as well.
    I remember one time in Target I passed by this Rican dude (I’m guessing he was Rican) who was on the phone with someone and I heard him say to the person this nice phat ass just passed by him. It was just the two of us in the aisle. Lol

      1. Jamari…I tread carefully in situations like that ’cause people tend to react in different ways. And he very well could have been talking about someone else.

      1. LMAO. Nah, I ain’t with that twerkin’ shyt. But I’ve had that happen to me before, but I never say anything because you never know what a person’s reaction might be…and I’m not trying to beat somebody down in Target and get arrested.
        Jail is my worst nightmare!

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