he was looking at the dominican cake on display on the low like i was

some of ya’ll gotta be careful with your leering when looking at other males.
i mean,
if this is you truly give a damn.
earlier today,
i went to the store to pick up some chicken to cook.

sidebar: after seeing that video of the rats in popeyes in dc,
i’ve been so turned off about eating out.
i been doing everything in my power to eat in.
i’m sure this stand-off against ordering out will end soon.

when i turned into the frozen food section to get some ice cream…

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wrapped up and busted outside

today was the day i busted out of house arrest and outside.
i haven’t been outside in damn near 2 weeks.
it had to be the day because i was running out of juice.
my snacks and other essentials were all gone as well.

I had to go the store

…but i had no gloves or a mask to protect me,
which had me shook af

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shit happens (in the meat aisle)

we have all had this issue once or twice in our lives.
your stomach starts a-bubblin and you can’t clench your butt cheeks tight enough.
it don’t matter where.
you eat or drink the wrong thing and…

if we’re lucky,
we can find a bathroom fast enough.
other times,
we are shit outta luck and…

a foxholer sent me michael rapaport’s ig,
who had some wild shit to show and well…

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take a lick of my ice cream (and put it back on the shelf)

jackals really annoy me.
i know i’m supposed to ignore them,
but it’s hard when they are fuckin’ with our food.
i guess there is a new challenge out there.
jackals are going into supermarkets,
opening ice cream,
licking it,
and putting it back on the shelf.
so i saw this a few days ago on my twitter tl:

…and went instantly insane.
( x they’re already hot on her ass )
now we got the copycats who have nothing else better to do…

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A Full Basket and No Sausage

shopping-basket-007i was struggling with my basket tonight at the supermarket.
imagine trying to juggle a basket full of food in one hand,
and a full duffle bag in the next?

well that was me tonight.
the amazing jamari fox!
come one!
come all!
and thats when he came in my direction...
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How I Met Your Mother

tumblr_m3yr6oAt7J1rn0ur4so i wanted to get to the sto’ early today.
i know if i went later,
i’d have to deal with the baby mamas and mamas babies.
so i put my headphones on,
got my grocery cart,
and headed down the block.
while i was in the sto’,
i was trying not to spend an arm and leg on food.
lately my food bills have been out of my budget.
100 dollars.
last time was 175.
like wtf?
i had to pay some bills and couldn’t afford it.
while i was getting eggs,
listening to “v.s.o.p” on repeat,
i saw this hand out the corner of my eye waving.
when i looked…
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