take a lick of my ice cream (and put it back on the shelf)

jackals really annoy me.
i know i’m supposed to ignore them,
but it’s hard when they are fuckin’ with our food.
i guess there is a new challenge out there.
jackals are going into supermarkets,
opening ice cream,
licking it,
and putting it back on the shelf.
so i saw this a few days ago on my twitter tl:

…and went instantly insane.
( x they’re already hot on her ass )
now we got the copycats who have nothing else better to do…

that puts me in FULL rage.

are folks fuckin’ stupid?
i really want all these idiots prosecuted.
to the point they will live in regret for even thinkin’ this dumb shit.

Make sure you wash your veggies,
and eat NOTHING without a seal.

i hope the outcome for these jackals was all worth it.
social media clout shouldn’t be having ya’ll out here arrested.

lowkey: i keep it fonting it.
people are weird bro.

13 thoughts on “take a lick of my ice cream (and put it back on the shelf)

  1. You can bet Bluebell about to come after them..Also that is endangering others health. Even though I rarely eat ice cream there are people that do amd they don’t know wtf you got.

    I really hate I catch some things on social media sometimes.

  2. As soon as the manufacturer offers a reward they will be thrown under the bus for that coin…on another note..that’s nasty!

  3. If it ain’t sealed, I don’t indulged. And that’s goes for everything…

  4. As much as i like to blame these fools, the manufactures is at fault for not sealing those ice cream lids. Were not in 1950 and lord knows now they will seal them.

    1. I agree with you to a point. but at the same time people shouldn’t be going stick their nasty ass tongue in shit that the public have to buy.

  5. I guess they didn’t get the memo that the manufacturer for the original perpetrator are working with the police to find out who the individual is, to have her prosecuted.

    1. I mean…Bluebell was all up in that video. How many people do you think are not going to want to touch their ice creams just in case it was there store.

      This is VILE, and I hate how people gotta be so trasy. Jesus, help us.

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