did this no named individual get outed on his ig live?

who is ^this?

he flew down my twitter timeline and the forests are fontin’ about him.
that no named individual was on his ig live and this allegedly happened…

that was interesting.

was that other male about to kiss this no named individual?
i’m actually confused why folks are watching his ig live.
he appears to be just looking in the camera.
so i guess my next random question is…

What is the purpose of IG live?

folks need to let others know they are going live,
especially the dl foxhole.
fuck around and get outed because of your own fault.

lowkey: …or,
is that no named individual already out?

17 thoughts on “did this no named individual get outed on his ig live?

  1. Listen, if he was not on live, that would have been a kiss. That man was about to grip that neck and go in for the kill. I would have loved to see it.

  2. Another trash rapper. He ain’t cute but least he doesn’t look like a virus (21 Savage).

  3. How was he “outed” if he was never hiding?

    Does he have a girlfriend posted up on his IG pages?
    Does he brag about fucking females in every city?
    If not, I don’t see the problem here. Black twitter really disgusts me.

  4. I don’t see anything here…
    Just typical behavior in Europe. A lot Americans will go crazy if they realize how black men behave with each others in Europe.
    Guys in Europe can be very touchy, sometimes calling themselves with cute names and stuff. As long as they know their sexuality, they are totally comfortable with it. There’s no « No Homo ».
    They can even be complimentary toward other guys.
    They can be sometimes very uncomfortable doing this with gay guys…

    But it’s just a different culture. This is nothing at all…

    1. Are you from Europe? Just out of curiosity.

      I’ve seen several comments on this blog with so many misconceptions about how men in Europe supposedly conduct themselves & interact with one another. If you were to believe half of the comments on this blog you’d think men in Europe walk around in leggings holding hands all day which is far from the truth.

      I hate to break it to you guys but black men in Europe generally aren’t in any different to Black men in the states regarding toxic masculinity & hyper-masculinity. Especially since most Black people in Europe are directly or second-generation descendants of Africa & the Caribbean. They have parents who came from their country of origin with homophobic attitudes so I don’t see why people don’t realise that it easily trickles down to their kids when they raise them.

      No straight black man in Europe (especially London UK) embrace each other like this. If anything this was probably a DL couple caught slipping. I will say that men in Europe are more flexible with their clothing yes & wearing skinny jeans is very normal over there, but as far as homoerotic behaviour like this isn’t a thing amongst Black men in Europe. White men however yes to a degree (especially in the UK), but definitely not Black men.

      1. Yes iam.
        Indeed the misconceptions and the idea that men here a sexually fluid or whatever are false and there’s a deep homophobia in black communities but behaviors that might seems as « gay » from the US can be totally different here…
        That being said, there’s a difference between French and English speaking countries.
        In France, in the hood what was « caught » on the video wouldn’t be a subject…despite the deep homophobia.

  5. I have a friend who used to produce music videos back in the late 90s and early 2000s for hip hop artists. According to her, rappers’ secretly involved with other men was not uncommon. In fact, she said it was quite common.

    1. Didn’t Terrance Dean write a book about gay rappers about 10-15 years ago? I remember him on the Wendy Williams radio show talking about it back in the day.

  6. DWRCL…. LOL… BOARCL……….. CAUGHT ON TAPE,,,,,,,,john didn’t know……so john wanted to kiss his boo….LOL…DWRCL……………..

  7. Hmm…I wouldnt be surprised if he did this shit for attention just to get people talking about him. Reminds me of back in the day when being gay was the “in” thing to be and everyone was either claiming they were or they supported us just for the heck of it. Whoever this dude is, he attractive…I give him that. Itll be interesting to see where this goes or if he speaks up on it

    1. He is UK rapper Fredo and signed to RCA records which is owned by Sony. His twitter and instagram are: @fredo and he has an album out as well.

    1. “No, John (?), I’m on live, Bruh,” in a charming British accent.

      Whoever he is, he’s from the UK.

      IG Live seems like another way for some people to show themselves passing the time doing nothing but looking into the camera, while Periscope is for live events, and Facebook Live is the place where people really act/wild TF out.

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