thomas q. jones gets some pipe leakage?

some say you’re nobody until your nudes leak.
i’ll go as far as to font…

You’re nobody until the foxhole is fonting about your alleged nudes leaking.

ex-baller-turned-acting wolf,
and one of the foxhole favs,

thomas q. jones,
seems to have become “somebody” starting today.
the kind folks over at “lpsg” leaked his alleged pipe leakage.
the foxholers who lurk over there updated me immediately.


it allegedly looked like him.
the bedhead is similar to one in his past ig videos:


if that was him in those leaks…

“Oh hey Thomas…
When are you cumming to New Yawk again?”

asking for a friend.
from the voice,
to the bawdy,
to the stare
thomas is sex walking to me.

i haven’t seen him in a while,
but i’m glad he’s back on my radar.
i’ll be sure to check out bet’s “tales” and his last movie,
a violent man“.
nothing like some alleged pipe leakage to get me interested again.

lowkey: i read he had some explicit sex scenes in “a violent man”.
i’m ready to find out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “thomas q. jones gets some pipe leakage?”

  1. Damn, he’s sexy. I met him in person once and he’s even more attractive in person. Nice energy, too. I’m glad there was some booty in those leaks, too…

    1. Yes, love the hair trail to that booty tootie. An athletes body is everything and its great to see them in person as well. Tho I did expect more length

  2. That’s what I expected and I’m not disappointed about it. He keeps checking all the boxes for me. Good to see the cakes too.

  3. Could you please stop posting links directly to LPSG, and mentioning the site in general. The exposure is actually hurting the site. So many forms are being taken down now because sites are linking to LPSG, which makes it so much easier for people to find and take stuff down.

    1. Yup, the folks are putting the forums on blast and in return, the posts are getting deleted and reported. Maybe, it would be good not to link another site. Then again, if you don’t, some sites get mad that they didn’t get the credit. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

        1. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything. I know it has good content for your site and all, but I don’t wanna fuck up a good thing lol

  4. Umm can we get a password for the site or can someone post the videos…I know I want to see that ass

  5. the leaks are gone Jamari and those lpsg are whining as if he’s actually somebody to pressed about chile lpsg should get drakes nudes than act like they doing something.

      1. Lol..😂 I saw one of Tyler perry actors from “loving you is wrong “. Boy be Cummings in a barrel. I love you J!

    1. ^i def can understand why they want to keep that site very low key.
      i’m not mad at all.
      they always provide good info along with the pics and vids.

      1. thrusting? so my curiosity to see what the hype is about makes me thirsty? nah you’re thirsty to be relevant on this post and you weren’t good day gf.

    2. Nah it’s not him, it’s all the other content on the site. Way better attractive guys than Drake and this guy are on there too.

      1. I’ve been on lpsg for years the only good content I’ve gotten was a bunch IG famous dudes. I want. the big fish like when we use to get CB or Orlando Bloom nudes idc for those hot for the moment men.

  6. Finally a fucking post on a sexy man who actually had a career. I get big tired of the attentionistos. I agree with “BRK”, stop linking to lpsg, I can see you losing posters to them Jamari. Just screencap the pic and post it with attribution.

    1. LOL, Are you guys aware that Jamari’s site was linked and discussed in a few forums?
      One hand washes the other….but I get what y’all are saying.

  7. So nobody had the sense to screenshot what was there??? Lol Y’all are no fun. He is FINE as hell though. I could listen to that voice talk all day. LAWD let me stop.

  8. I am glad I popped in and saw the pics before they were removed lol. The butt pics are what surprised me, but I am not complaining either. I always thought he was fine, and I am a fan now more than ever after these leaks.

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