thomas q. jones does “sex scene” well

*the following is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

“oh hey thomas”…
 thomas q. jones is back being a hot conversation as of late.
so he appeared in his first movie called “a violent man“.
it came out in 2017 when had had the hairstyle i hated.
i love him in a short cut.
in the last conversation we had about thomas,
i stated that i gonna watch it.
 a foxholer sent me something to get my tail in action
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thomas q. jones gets some pipe leakage?

some say you’re nobody until your nudes leak.
i’ll go as far as to font…

You’re nobody until the foxhole is fonting about your alleged nudes leaking.

ex-baller-turned-acting wolf,
and one of the foxhole favs,

thomas q. jones,
seems to have become “somebody” starting today.
the kind folks over at “lpsg” leaked his alleged pipe leakage.
the foxholers who lurk over there updated me immediately.
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Thomas Q. Jones Is Brought “Back 2 Life”

let’s talk about thomas q. jones.
we haven’t talked about him in a while.
so as the months went on,thomas showed us he is more than a “cutty buddy” from “being mary jane”.
thomas is woke and smart.
yadda yadda yadda.
thomas looks like melanin sex.
am i lying?
well letoya luckett has a new video and guess who she hired as the love interest?
thomas q. jones.
this is the trailer for her music video,
“back 2 life”
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Thomas Q. Jones is What (Wet) Dreams Are Made Of

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.44.15 PMthomas q. jones is “look at god”.
if i had a vagina,
it would be in shambles.
he is the wolf you thot for real heavy.
why are all the fine ones straight?
well ever since he debuted as “the cutty buddy” on “being mary jane”,
he has been the talk of the forests.
every vixen i know was hooked.
hell even wendy williams had to ask who he was.
let me give you guys a reminder of why he does what he does…
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Thomas Q. Jones Uses His Brain you know,
and should know,
i find the life of a baller wolf really interesting.
the nfl especially.
i like the aggression,
the lifestyle,
and the wall of muscle.
i’m all for it.
well what i didn’t realize is the other side to the coin.
everything in life has another side we don’t see.
well until something goes wrong.
in researching about thomas q. jones,
ex baller wolf and current star of “being mary jane”,
i came across an interview he had for
it was a revealing look into the dangers of being in the nfl and the brain injuries they face.
check this out…
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Thomas Q. Jones aka Cutty Buddy Breaks The Internet

CCB_aQ8XIAA8jD7i can’t deal…
i just can’t.
well tonight was the second to last episode of “being mary jane”.
it was titled “#cuttybuddygrrrl”.
it showed a little more of brandon aka cutty buddy,
which is played by thomas q. jones.
he seems to be the reigning fan favorite.
david who?
andre what?
cutty buddy gets the twitter timeline poppin’.
i kid you not.
look at the retweets.
well she ended up choosing sheldon,
played by gary dourdon,
over cutty buddy in the end.
le sigh.
she obviously was drinking when she made that decision.
so lets pour a little likka out for the cutty buddy…
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