thomas q. jones does “sex scene” well

*the following is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

“oh hey thomas”…
 thomas q. jones is back being a hot conversation as of late.
so he appeared in his first movie called “a violent man“.
it came out in 2017 when had had the hairstyle i hated.
i love him in a short cut.
in the last conversation we had about thomas,
i stated that i gonna watch it.
 a foxholer sent me something to get my tail in action


when i see that and then think about his rugged af voice:

call me…
and talk slow when you do…”


Where can I watch this movie?

i’m suddenly having urgency.
we can add “tales” and whatever else he is in too.
thomas always gets my full attention.

lowkey: for those who wanted to see his alleged goods,
( x someone uploaded it )

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “thomas q. jones does “sex scene” well”

  1. Thomas Q. Jones is so damn sexy! Wasn’t he butt naked on Being Mary Jane too, though & more than once?

    1. he did a sex scene on BMJ but you really didnt see shit. it was strategically covered. lol But you do get to see that chocolate booty in the movie A Violent Man.

  2. The pictures of him showing his ass and jacking in the bed doesnt show his tats on his chest. Little skeptical about those vids/pics. But nice if it him or someone else. lol

  3. He got a nice chocolate tail. He has that fine complexion just like that pornstar DeAngelo Jackson. Sexy dark-skinned men. I can’t get enough of em!

  4. I like Thomas I wish him the best; he always seems to be someone who flies just under the radar. I think people like him pose an interesting question. The average career length in the NFL is anywhere from 3.3 years to 6 years and the average career length for the NBA is 5 years; what do you do with yourself when you are retired before you’re 30 years old. What happens when your Thomas Jones or Kerry Rhodes or even Odell Beckham Jr, you’re not going to be that star athlete forever I just wished they would invest in themselves with acting classes and the like for their life after their athletic careers.

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