kellon deryck is officially “off the market”

kellon deryck.
one of the foxhole favs.
the last i saw,
kellon was working on nicki minaj’s hair.
he has been making big moves out here.
he hasn’t been flashing that fat tail as much in pics,
but i think this might be the reason why…

that fat tail belongs to whoever that is in the background now.
he was flashin’ that ring like a true rich house-hubby.
i love when foxhole favs do great things tho.
i wish him and his fiance well!

lowkey: seriously,
the random tail shots from kellon are over?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “kellon deryck is officially “off the market””

  1. Wow congrats to him but I can’t but wonder about the rest of us. I wonder how many gay black guys actually find love. Are majority of us destined to end up lonely and single, while a handful say I do to lifetime dick. I mean let’s face it those insta famous gays (the ones with the abs , flawless skin, unlimited airlines miles and luxury lifestyle) are all single.

    1. A lot of those insta famous gays are just sloppy escorts with bad credit who live a make-belief life online. Outside the internet they are mess and only feel worthy when they enter the gym.

      Kellon has more connections/exposure compared to the average black gay man due to his industry ties

    2. Nope there are countless gay couples who have been together for 25+ years. Our generation doesnt want to put the work in and get off these sex apps and expect to find love. Also many are DL and come to grips with whom they are. Can’t have a long lasting relationship if they’re in the closet or surfing for casual sex online.. definition of insanity doing the same thing but expecting different results

  2. others gays getting married and flewed out while i’m in bed eating some chips alone 😂😂

    but nah, congrats and pls keep the relationship off of social media.

  3. What is it with gay people and marriage? I mean it is legitimately a heterosexual ritual & I don’t know why gays even want to even be bothered with it. I mean if you’re a Christian or religious gay I guess it makes sense but then it still doesn’t make sense.

    Also, I hope y’all be looking at pictures and getting jealous. A picture is just that, a snapshot that captures a moment.

    I tell my Papo that I don’t want a ring. I had a ring before I met you, your physical presence is enough. But I’m not “committed” because I know people come and go in your life. Gay men living together forever is rare, but it does happen. Gay men aren’t programmed to live the fraudulent rituals of the heterobots. 🙇

    For the single folks. Make sure y’all choose your men wisely. We all know pics only tell 5% of the story. I waited a few months (6) before I was like yes, I like him. I learned all to well how things look perfect on Instagram and 10 posts later it’s complicated. Access denied for these crazy mofos. 😅

    Well at least being single has its quirks. You are free to do what you want, live how you want and have as much safe sex as you want.

    1. You know what, as a teenager I wanted that marriage & white picket fence BS that straight brag about. And I can now confidently say as a 22 year old black gay man that I don’t care whether I get married or not. Having a partner would be nice but as far as sharing my assets and doing all that other stuff isn’t important for me. Realistically, we know how gay men are & monogamy. For the most part it is an oxymoron. A ring won’t make a guy committed, you’re only “committed” by law when it comes to these payouts.

      I would love to find a long term partner one day but I’m going in with an open mind. Also, many of these “long term” gay couples have open relationships. I’m not one to judge how to sustain a relationship because I’m no expert but I do think we fall for facades thanks to social media.

      I prefer having a long term partner rather than casual sex with different folks but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting forever. This body isn’t gonna look this good forever!

    2. Legally, marriage affords you a ton of protections that just being in a long term relationship wldn’t. Insurance, medical decisions… people might think it’s just done to be cute but under the law, being married gives you a lot of privilege that can actually have concrete benefits.

      It’s a smart thing to do, especially since you ain’t having kids, its something that gives you leverage in a lot of scenarios.

    3. Marriage is a fantasy. I’m sorry. Most, not all, people get married because they feel pressured into doing so. Societal norms dictate that you marry, have kids, etc. I don’t buy into that shit. Most of the people I know that are married are not happy. They got married because they felt pressured into doing so because either the girl was pregnant or kept bugging them. I’ve known couples, both male and female, that have cheated while married. It’s crazy.

      If your relationship is fine as it is right now, why the need to get married? Like Jammy said, living together FOREVER is RARE. People used to ask me why my ex-girlfriend and I never got married, and I said because we were fine in our relationship as it was. Then the girlfriends (who weren’t even married) start whispering in the ear…and shyt just went downhill. When people that are unhappy in THEIR relationship start to meddle in yours, it makes matters worse. I will say this much though, I go into a relationship straight up and upfront…don’t look to me for kids or marriage. It’s not happening.
      People ask me why. I tell them because I don’t want to, deal with it.

  4. 1) Love is Real!! ( Not just Escorts , etc)

    2) There is someone for everyone ( Especially “Gays”)

    You determine your relationship status. No one is doomed to be lonely!

    3) People get married for love and LEGAL REASONS( for years Gays have been left out when the family runs in and takes everything when a partner dies, plus you get their benefits and other great services that being married brings !!

    4) Proof- I have been in 3 long term , loving relationships and currently in the 3rd ( smile)

    Gay Men tend to lean on the ” Physical appearance “, “Top”, “Bottom” , “Dick size”, “Azz “too much as a determining factor .

    Most gays are surrounded by intelligent , good , catches ( other Gays you call your ” Sister ” ,” Bish”)but they want a ” Man” etc. and therefore don’t give it a chance.

    [ PLEASE DONT BE OFFENDED.] Think about what I am ‘fonting ” here ( wink / love )

  5. It’s tacky when people flash their rings on the ‘gram. When someone’s truly happy, they keep their happiness between themselves and their partner, their families, and close loved ones. People need to wake up and realize that not every one wishes them well. The same ones putting hearts and “congrats” in the comments are the same ones sliding into DMs with thot intent. Especially in the ATL (that’s where they are, yes?) The jealousy energy there is thick—
    people are setting up their “friends” to be robbed, raped, and/or humiliated.

    Relationships require hard work, and marriages require even more hard work, so congratulations to Kellon and his fiancée, but they seem too fascinated with appearances (and building a following than) to work on building with each other.

    Black gay men could have longstanding, monogamous relationships if they rid themselves of their trauma(s). Therapy works. There are plenty of guys who’ll be relationship material once they get therapy for their body-issues and insecurities. Walter Lee Hampton is a prime example of what happens to a Black gay man when he leaves his mental illness untreated for decades. Quite a few posters here are under 25… that’s the perfect time to get therapy.

    Speaking of ATL, I have a frat bruh there named Antonio who’s kind, works a great job, handsome, dresses, 6’2, light skinned (mixed with Latino), and has a nice back & front (his pants leave little to the imagination)… but because he isn’t IBFF ready, no one there will have a meaningful relationship with him. He’s average built, not obese, not fat, he’s probably 230 tops. Just a big ole high yellow teddy bear. What’s sad is he’s been used by men who have piss-poor morals. He recently found out a guy he was dating has a whole ass husband and kids. As it turns out, he and his husband were using Antonio and a few other unsuspecting guys to help make ends meet. Antonio had even moved this joker in, and they just came back from Cuba not long before all this shit popped off! Antonio was crushed. That fool had even proposed to him. But all he saw was dollar signs and some good sex. People need to see through the bullshit. I love my bruh, but adopting grown ass men is not the wave, b.

    I have a look that guys thirst after, but I’m streetwise as fuck and gaywise as fuck. I’ve been in the game too long to be with the shits. I let it be known up front that I’m interested in something meaningful and if anyone comes at me with the opposite they’re blocked before they can tap send. I look good myself so I don’t give a fuck about how good some joker (thinks he) looks who thinks he can use his looks as leverage!

    The guys concerned with superficiality only want a trophy to show off to their so-called friends. Trophies get dusty and fade. Find someONE who’ll wipe your snotty nose when you’re sick instead of someTHING that won’t say or do much outside of looking good and wanting to be dusted and polished. Leave that to the ones who are fascinated by appearances.

  6. Most people who follow Kellon don’t even know who he is engaged to because he isn’t tagged.Some people think the guy in the shadow in the pic with the ring is his ex.Kellon broke up with his ex back in 2017 after dating over 8 years.
    He has never posted his fiance on his page and I think that’s good that he has kept their dating/relationship private.BTW he also kept his last relationship relatively private.I remember a lot of followers didn’t know he and his ex had been together 8 years until Kellon wrote it on a Valentine’s Day post.

    But anyway Congratulations to them on their engagement.#lovewins

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