so my new job/career gave me feedback about my performance today…

we have all received it on many occasions.
some of us can’t handle it tho.
we implode at the thought of someone critiquing us.
that use to be me until karaoke taught me to:

a) learn to laugh at myself
b) find the positive within the negative

so the hr vp had a meeting with today.
she asked all the executives,
along with other random employees,
to give feedback to her about my how i’m doing so far.
i’ll be completely open with the foxhole tonight.
this was a few of the criticisms…

“I think Jamari is a good fit. He waves and speaks every time I see him. He is super engaging and has made a consistent effort to “own” his role.”

“I only have positive feedback! He is always to help, he is very welcoming and is absolutely reliable. He is always on time and I know because I’m usually here between 8:30am and 9. His emails are extremely informative and polite.”

“I’ve had a couple interactions with him and they’ve all been extremely positive. Just my 2 cents.”

“I think Jamari is amazing. He’s personable, conversational, and actually seems like he cares about making a good first impression to our important guests. I think he is a great fit!”

…but out of all the great,
i got this:

“The only thing i’d ask is that Jamari is mindful of how direct (matter of fact) he is. Two reasons: prior to him, we’ve had others who are less engaged so his personality may be off putting to those not used to someone like him and secondly, he may want to temper it based on who he’s speaking with or what he’s speaking about. Everyone shouldn’t get the same “Matter of Fact Jamari” all the time. Some situations may require him to fall back and be more of an assistant, less a director.”

you know how celebs only respond to their hateful comments?
out of all the positive compliments on that paper,
^that one bothered me the most.
i spent the entire day trying to decipher it,
ask myself questions,
and replay times i could remember.

the hr vp wasn’t upset by it.
she said not everyone will like everything i do.
some folks think many things about her,
so she “gets” it,
but that comment never stopped her from wanting to hire me.

I swear,
sometimes I think I’m dreaming at this new role I’m at


i sent the critiques to karaoke and she responded:

“Very good feedback. Definitely take the highlighted one to heart!It means sometimes you need to play the game better. Even though someone might be a dumbass, if it’s a CEO, you have to talk to him like he’s not. Know who you’re talking to and watch your time accordingly. You can joke with the security guard about whose clothes don’t fit right and who has bad breath, but a manager should just get a help and a polite nod.

Things like that.”

everyone will not like the things you do.
you have to be able to take criticism and use it to your advantage.
even though it was a bruise to my ego,
it doesn’t stop the fact that i’m doing very well in my position.
the comments aside from that were amazing.
we sha’ll see what happens next!


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13 thoughts on “so my new job/career gave me feedback about my performance today…”

  1. Wow… great review bruh, look atchoo!… and yeah, I’m like you, outta all the glowing reviews and accolades, I’ma be focusin’ on that one that was the salty outlier… after careful analysis and playing back instances in your head, do u have an idea who that could’ve come from. When coming into a new situation like that, it’s not only important to know when and how to play the right game (I say “when” and “right”, b/c u gotta know when to pick your battles and the proper way to handle each situation), but also know who all the players are and gradually peep their MO.

  2. i see feedback as that…it is a perception of a period of time. Use it how you see fit and it aligns with your own assessment. I take it clearly are a natural born leader and take charge person. Some organization cultures require that their be respect to hierarchy. know your audience and feed off others before acting. some egos want you to follow their lead…

    also dont let one persons perception of you dictate your view of yourself. some peoples feedback is routed in their own insecurities and has absolutely nothing to do with you at all. note it, adjust accordingly and move on. Seems alot more positives and you should play on your strengths and not let weaknesses consume your energy. know what you are good at, and keep doing it. Its clearly valued but if you put too much attention to the negatives and stop doing what makes you standout, you will soon be leftout

  3. Congrats on the positive feedback and use what you can from the “negative” (I personally don’t think is negative at all – I’d be flattered)…

  4. Great review and fuck the naysayer i was once told that I’m too laid back and nice with patients, like wtf. It’s always a negative nancy out of the bunch. Anyways great job and just continue putting your best foot forward and networking

  5. The fact that this got so few comments. I was emotional when I first saw it and thought I’d be redundant mimicking everyone else’s praise..but apparently people come here for Marvin’s Boys.

  6. Nobody is more deserving than Jamari in a world of clout chasing bloggers who cannot wait to expose and ruin someone’s life.

  7. I can’t wait until Jamari becomes the only person certain celebrities will talk to, while he slowly, respectfully built his brand and didn’t imitate the popcorn gossip rags.

  8. Yes for spamming the conversationals with positivity! Here’s hoping more eyes see your joy and want to share in it!

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