i found out odell beckham jr is cut

look at those thighs.
so i found out that odell beckham jr is cut.
it’s been a fantasy of mine,
let me show you what it looks like…

he debuted his new haircut at the espys tonight.
my vote:

i’m fontin’ you,
for some males,
a haircut can really transform them.
odell looks like a completely different wolf compared to this:

he is still handsome,
but i’d let him put it anywhere

lowkey: saquan barkley has caught me eye as of late…


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Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “i found out odell beckham jr is cut”

  1. Was waiting for u to post this. I told his ass last night to leave them blonde curls alone but men dont fucking listen! Lmaooo…but seriously tho. He fine regardless. But I guess Im the only one who misses his blonde..imo, it made him stand out (in a good way). I think he was attractive enough to pull it off vs Deven who has very “strong” facial features and didnt need any extra on his head…so when he cut his hair, it made a difference 🤷🏾

  2. There is gawwd 🙌🏽 He took his time with Odell & Saqaun with them womanly thighs ugh the white girls can have him, thats what he likes anyways

      1. The ones that are keeping that up are setting our people up to go the ways of the Indians. Although, you are a gay male, and possibly will not be producing an offspring. It matters, since these men have black mothers and fathers and are choosing others based off of perceived stereotypes / being brainwashed. The wealth that they have accumulated will be giving to someone of another race and that is one of many factors of how our people can not generate generational wealth. I could go on about this matter, but keep your preference or possibly discrimination, I wish you nothing but success.

        1. I Applaud this comment @Huh? so many black people are dumb when it comes to interracial date . it’s only a preference for them when it’s a strategical/enrichment move to their counterparts. Lot of us are just self hating ignorant on the subject.

  3. Oh, Give me a break!!! LOL Odell had the look when he played football for LSU. He still cute tho. But Soquan, idk, he just doesn’t do anything for me.

  4. I love me some him but this man or I should say alot of young athletes aren’t good at swag bit he is fine regardless I love saquon style tho

  5. Odell is still my guy. Eventhough, he’s playing with the Browns he is still sexy AF and Gorgeous!!! Loving the haircut and the black hair.🔥🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣❤❤👏👏

  6. I know what folks mean about the blonde hair making him stand out but honestly I’m not mad that he cut it off. That hairstyle looks childish & flamboyant as hell. OBJ got away with it because he’s a celebrity but I find him way more attractive with a lower cut.

  7. So glad the blonde hair is gone. He looks much more attractive and refined imo. Now if only we can get rid of that beard and see the rest of his handsome face. Can’t do anything about the obsessive amount of tattoos tho. The other guy isn’t bad looking either.

  8. Also, How can someone be black and not into their own race and then say it’s a preference? That is on the list of some of the stupidest things to say without thinking. Sometimes we give people too much room to “express themselves”.

    I dont wish anyone success with that mindset because I don’t think we need anymore ignorance to gain fruition. Never will I send “good cheer” to an ignorant fool. These types of folks need to be thrown in the trash just like racists, pedo and homophobes.

    I never hear Asians or Latinos saying this. Only delusional Black people that want to gain the favor of Whites because they think being white equates to a better life (they want the runoff of white privilege), and only delusional White people who lust after Blacks and see them as an image of rebellion and sexual objects.

    But I guess. 🙄

  9. Yeah I love tattoos but I feel he did way to mich his skin tone is so priceless and beautiful hes a keeper

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