Thomas Q. Jones Uses His Brain you know,
and should know,
i find the life of a baller wolf really interesting.
the nfl especially.
i like the aggression,
the lifestyle,
and the wall of muscle.
i’m all for it.
well what i didn’t realize is the other side to the coin.
everything in life has another side we don’t see.
well until something goes wrong.
in researching about thomas q. jones,
ex baller wolf and current star of “being mary jane”,
i came across an interview he had for
it was a revealing look into the dangers of being in the nfl and the brain injuries they face.
check this out…

What a Concussion Really Feels Like for an NFL Player:

The Inevitable Injuries of Football:

Will I Develop Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy from Playing Pro Football?:

Whether or Not to Let Kids Play Football?:

Suicide in the NFL:

The Puzzle of the NFL Machine:

Balancing the Warrior Mentality with Humility in the NFL:

For Better or for Worse, Fear Is Part of Being in the NFL:

that was really eye opening for me.
ya know,
i look at baller wolves and see this:

tumblr_nmodffo7xr1si245xo1_500you see this good lookin’ muscular wolf and think:

1)good sex
2) lots of money
3) dumb jock

in reality,
what thomas said about the health aspect of it,
that shit is fuckin’ scary and sad at the same time.
no one truly cares about them.
they are dollar signs.
they also see people who abandon them once the dream has ended.
for us regular people,
it can take minor drama to show us who are friends are.
for a baller wolf,
who is use to the praise and admiration every season,
it takes a career ending injury to get a real dose of reality.
it is really interesting.
i love this kind of shit.
thomas seems very intelligent and i hope he can pass on his wisdom to others.
will they listen tho?

lowkey: i had to wonder these hoes who try and get with baller wolves.
i don’t think they realize what comes with it.
they use them for money and fame,
but do they know how to give a massage after a game?
listen when he needs to vent?
or is it all about money and a 18 year retirement plan?

for more videos:

first image credited: favin

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Thomas Q. Jones Uses His Brain”

  1. The chicks that get with these athletes are in it for money and fame. Once dude loses his “status”…it’s on to the next one. No shame in their game. After all they become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and once they have a taste…they want more. No matter who can give it to them. It’s sad.

    1. ^and the sad part is,
      the baller wolf doesn’t get that.
      he sees some exxotic brazilian who is throwing pussy at him.
      she has a plan and he don’t even see it.

      like how can he even talk to her about his brain injuries?

  2. The ones that are concerned about them, those who’ve been by their side when they were not famous, get kicked to the curb once they become famous…or are treated like crap because that exxxotic chick is throwing ass/pussy at him at every opportunity. When he is no longer on top, that’s when he goes crawling back to the one who was there from the start. Sad.

    1. ^Yup! I think its both sides of the coin! The ballers that are too dumb to realize a hoe with a scheme, and the baller that would throw away the best thing that ever happened to him just because got fresh and got hypnotized by an exotical.
      I’m not really a big fan of baller wolves, not my type in general, majority of them just seem stupid (but maybe thats just people in general), but this guy seems like a cool kat! Good for him for staying true to who he is.
      It was nice to have someone shed some light on the other side of football that we dont see. Must be brutal! You’ve got to really love it, and know when to bow out gracefully!

      1. @Dignified…sadly it’s not just baller wolves. There are a lot of guys/girls who do that. Something or someone pays them a little attention and they get opened up! They don’t know how to act! LOL

      2. ^ So true Christian!
        Some people just have no sense of humility! But i guess when people are flashing dolla bills in your face and that could change their life, the right decision becomes a set of blurred lines easily, especially if its their dream and they’ve got people to feed at home.
        There’s no excuse for the exotical thing LOL! Unless they’ve been nerdy and lonely and self-concious their whole life, but I dont see many footballers falling into the “nerdy outcast with social anxiety issues” problem. They’re too so- called “masculine” for all that.
        Whether they’re a baller wolf or a regular kat, you’ve gotta remember who you are out here!

  3. I am speechless. Did not know the brain injuries are like that. Why even play such a dangerous sport? Do these players qualify for unemployment once they aren’t in the league anymore?

    1. The players get a pension. I’m not sure how much it is, but they do get money from the league once they finish playing. Their healthcare costs are covered to a point, but judging by recent lawsuits, it’s not much.
      What bugs me out is the recent story of the rookie who decided to no longer play football based on the very content of the this posting…and he got so much flak because he did that. He said that the price to pay was too great, that he wanted to be able to walk around, remember things, etc., after he finished playing. After seeing the Frontline documentary, League of Denial, I can’t blame him.

  4. Jamari this was a really great post. I went to high school with a few dudes that actually went into the NFL. There was one in particular who I knew personally who got a big head. On Instagram he was always posting pics of his new car, clothes, shoes, and bragging about going on different vacations. He always had a pretty white or exotical vixen on his side as well. He always has a bad attitude but then he became stuck up once he was in the NFL. That only lasted a couple years cause he got cut from his team. Now, he lives back in his parents house, doesn’t post a lot on Instagram and a lot of those girls are gone. I seen him a couple months ago and he spoke to me and he told me how he was trying to get back in the NFL. I felt so bad for him, but I think that a lot of these football players need mentors before they go in the NFL cause alot of them are not all that smart that’s why they have all these baby mamas, spending all their money on cars, homes, shoes, clothes, etc. Once football is up most don’t have a back up plan.

    1. ^you know what’s crazy?
      this seems like the story of even regulars on instagram.
      this “look at me” shit always ends the same.
      i haven’t met anyone who flosses on IG that “made it”.
      they always fall off and vanish.

  5. My cousin is an ex NFL player and he is severely depressed. The nigga only 27. He in and out of therapy and nearly killed himself. This shit is the real deal. If they lucky, they will only have sore joints and a few broken bones. Some of these players never bounce back and not to mention he broke too. He spent his money ballin out and didn’t save anything for a rainy day. Shit a hurricane for him.

  6. This is the side people never really see. Most of these players in professional sports are pawns and only there to make the higher ups richer. Dollar signs are waved in their face and they fall for it each time. It’s really sad. On top of that, a lot of these player’s bodies and minds are terribly damaged after playing the game for years. Most of these players started when they were kids so you can only imagine the wear and tear.

  7. If brothas only knew what goes into playing sports, they would think twice about getting into the league. They are basically sold and traded like how the slaves were. The strong and stable nigga is the most valuable. Combine and draft ain’t nothing but a modern day slave auction. These brothas are only entertainment for crackers who sit in a VIP box and watch them run up and down a field.

  8. Great individual Jones is. I have followed him for along time. He is speaking the truth about the life of an individual in the NFL. He comes from a family that steered their children to be educated. The lack of knowledge and using the tools such as a free education is lost by so many. Being that they are mostly coming from single parent homes the money is what they are looking at. Not thinking about the future all the money goes down the drain not only football, but other sports as well. I always say try at least to get close as possible to earning the degree and if you do decide to leave it can be finish within so many semesters. The mention of mentors would be a great thing for a lot of them and adhere to what they have to say.I think he is going to go far in life and I hope he doesn’t have any major issues with his brain.

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