I Turned My Cousin Out (and I Liked It)

tumblr_mp17twgLNQ1spo3yuo1_500i like to think i’m a good influence in a lot of ways.
i also like to think i’m a bad influence just the same.
when i tell people to do something,
or at least try it,
they do it to good results.
its not bragging.
i see the potential in people.
well i turned my cousin out today…

the fact that mi sat and watched td jakes sunday service with me today,
and cried because the word related to her heavy,
there might just be hope for her yet.
she didn’t even know who he was.
she is now interested in joining me every sunday morning.
she is currently researching more about him and wants us to visit his church in dallas.
99616-smaug-gold-gif-Hobbit-Dragon-I-BXqHi’m about to unleash the potential gold digga in this girl’s life.
its there.
oh its definitely there.
it just needs to wake up.

next up:

law of attraction
  that funky attitude
those “aint shit” pineapples she attracts

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “I Turned My Cousin Out (and I Liked It)”

    A positive one it seems! Aw look at Big Brother Jamari! Hope this helps her with her struggles!

    1. ^i hope so as well.
      its easier with someone who is open to change,
      rather than trying to work against it.
      she knows i am the best thing in her life and once i’m done with you,
      i’m done with you.
      i’ll give my all to someone else who wants to grow.

  2. That’s sweet, you never know one day you might look at her as a true friend. Someone to shop, brunch, and kick it with in the big apple.

    1. ^word!

      i want her to figure who she is and what she wants.
      she needs to realize the hood life goes nowhere.
      she is a smart girl and there is another side underneath the layer.

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