It’s A Good Time To Be A “Not So Good” Singer


soooooo this probably made a lot of people happy.
not you and i.
the consumer.
moreso the people who we listen to when we are:


headed to work

not our parents or favs.
yes to the music artist tho.
they set some new rules on how artists will get platinum status today.
“platinum” use to mean 1 million actual records sold.
well this digital age brings new changes.
check out how an album will be platinum now via riaa
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I Turned My Cousin Out (and I Liked It)

tumblr_mp17twgLNQ1spo3yuo1_500i like to think i’m a good influence in a lot of ways.
i also like to think i’m a bad influence just the same.
when i tell people to do something,
or at least try it,
they do it to good results.
its not bragging.
i see the potential in people.
well i turned my cousin out today…
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You Are A Dirty Boy

Soil, not dirtas you climb your mountain,
you will be amongst the dirt and rocks.
the higher you go,
the more treacherous it becomes.
your views will start to changes.
you will encounter different animals and beasts.
some for you; many against you.
livin this life on the mountain also ain’t a peace of cake.
we all want to share the experience with someone special.
all that alone will make you want to quit.
have you turn around and go back to a place more comfortable.
comfortable is easy,
but no one became great being comfortable.
its in the time that you start to recognize your worth…
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