You Are A Dirty Boy

Soil, not dirtas you climb your mountain,
you will be amongst the dirt and rocks.
the higher you go,
the more treacherous it becomes.
your views will start to changes.
you will encounter different animals and beasts.
some for you; many against you.
livin this life on the mountain also ain’t a peace of cake.
we all want to share the experience with someone special.
all that alone will make you want to quit.
have you turn around and go back to a place more comfortable.
comfortable is easy,
but no one became great being comfortable.
its in the time that you start to recognize your worth…

“I will turn my hand against you; I will thoroughly purge away your dross and remove all your impurities.” – isiah 1:25

tumblr_mjl0f8XaIl1s7dadxo1_500did you know gold is actually found in the dirt?
its doesn’t hold any value while its in there.
it isn’t until it is dug up,
shaken around,
and then taken to be refined that it takes its form.
it has to be taken through the fire to take its shape.

ive been through a lot.
i have hit rock bottom a couple times.
some of it was my fault.
other times it was just the way my story was supposed to go.
everything that has happened was a learning lesson.
regrets are for people who are lost in the jungles they created.
when you accept what is just is,
thats when you can start to climb your mountain.
i had to face myself in order to really know my worth.
in the times i was lost in my jungle,
ready to end it all,
i would often ask myself:

“what is your point of being on this earth?”

…even tho i’m not where i need to be yet,
i know i mean something to someone out there.
that’s enough to have “a point”.

this is what this ( x gold digga era ) is about.
you are diggin’ for your gold,
aren’t you?
well you have to be removed from the dirt,
shaken around a bit,
and then put through the fire to form into something powerful.
its the only way.
it doesn’t come easy,
but when you look back on how far you came,
all that you have sacrificed,
and people who were not meant to stay in your life…

foggy_mountains_by_lucifersdream-d39znixthe view from the top is absolutely amazing.

the process ain’t easy,
but the progress is where the focus should be.
let your mountain and all its drama turn you into something special.
only if you’ll let it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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