Bound and Gagged

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 3.14.35 PMwhen you decide to mess with a baller wolf,
he will have you bound and gagged.
well not in the fun way.
in the “sign this nda” kind of way.
i figure that’s what happening to amber rose.
when kanye said the following in his “breakfast club” interview ( @ 20:22 ):

(sidebar: he is a real asshole)
(sidebar two: he is fighting for kim’s shape to be the standard?
didn’t she buy her shape? @17:01)
…amber could have really let it out.
i mean fuck his whole shit up.
this is what she responded via twitter to his shenanigans…

amberrosetumblr_mf60m040m21rav9xm…and she @ him too.
i applaud her taking the high road.
she gets twenty foxhole points for not deleting the tweets either.
listen she can throw shots at the kardashians all she wants,
but i suspect that anything “ye” is off limits.
if you listen to that whole interview,
he lost anyway.

lowkey: did he also lowkey confirm tyga and kylie?
this is what was conveniently edited out:

even tho ( x he said ) he isn’t smashin’ that 17 year old kardashian.










what is it about those kardash-als that got these black wolves on stupid?
is the pussy that good?

tweets credited: twitter

picture credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Bound and Gagged”

    1. You mean you weren’t turned on by screenshots @ MTO from Kris’ sex tape which of course was hacked from the cloud.I am sure Kris is working on the marketing for her sex tape right now to promote the tenth season of KUWTK.

      1. Believe it or not, I didn’t click the link. I didn’t want to see the pics. Not interested in seeing Kris ol ass. Nah.

  1. I’m so confused. Seems like everyone is putting Amber on this pedestal when her and Kim are literally famous for the exact same thing. The black men they’ve been with. People love to hate Kim…..meanwhile she’s been the only adult in this debacle. Smh

    1. I agree. Ppl love to/love it when others attack the Kardashians, probably b/c they are the icons in the attention whore game. And while they are far from the most respectable ppl they have turned Kardashian into a business brand, each person has something going on. But when other ppl attack them (i.e. Amber, who is an attention whore herself, esp now that she not associated with a famous man anymore) they tend to side with them b/c they just don’t like the Kardashians pretty much at all. Notice how it was Amber who came after Kylie, then Khloe (for defending her lil sister) and Kim, not one word started by a Kardashian. So I see her as more of a hypocrite who’s trying to stay relevant by attacking the family America is supposedly tired of the most.

      And let’s be real. Like AtlAnonymous said, she is famous for dating Kanye, Wiz, etc. W/o men like them, she might be a lil known or she could be an Instagram model or sill a stripper, idk but she wouldn’t be where she was right now. Idk what happened in they’re relationship all I have is rumors which I know isnt a good thing to base an opinion. But if you really take a step back and look at the whole situation, I think you’ll see that Amber ain’t the one on the high road here…

  2. Amber Rose is known for dating Kanye West. She may have started this dragging but let’s look at the facts.

    A) Amber was asked a question and simply gave a response.

    “Tyga should be ashamed. Kylie is young and should be in bed.”

    B) Khloe knows that her younger sister is dating a much older man and actually allows this which makes her and her family look even worse.

    That same quiet Kim is known to throw rocks and hide her hands and go after men who are in relationships. How did she get Kanye? She was friends with Alexis, his fiancé, and was fucking him behind her back. Years later, she was fucking Swizz Beats (while with Alicia Keys) and Kanye (while with the same Amber Rose) at the same time
    before Kanye finally claimed her. That’s a little tea to sip. People are applauding Amber for standing up to a family that has no morals and will play the victim in a heartbeat. Amber isn’t ashamed of her hosish past but the Kardashins like to dress theirs up in expensive clothing and reality show cameras. Too bad they have to settle for ignorant black men and not the established rich white men they truly desire…

    1. The real tea is, if Amber milks this….she stays relevant. This will carry her through….at least until the next black baller steps into her life.

      Let’s not forget, Amber was shopping for a reality show not so long ago. Problem is, no one was interested. She’s boring. She wants what the Kardashians have. I get it.

      I would be mad too. If I did the same things Kim did….followed in her footsteps….and didn’t get the same accolades. She’s lashing out.

      Perhaps Kim should mentor her.

      1. Amber followed in her footsteps? Everything Amber has done recently has gotten more positive attention than the Kardashians. The girl got a whole new fan base. Kim is desperate to keep the spotlight on. The poor bimbo has resorted to using her baby as a prop, that same reality show isn’t pulling in the ratings like was, and she had to settle with Krazy West. Amber has been minding her business and doing her. Kim has been trying to out do Amber and failing miserably. Amber takes a picture and Kim follows. So if we really want to spin this then it looks like Amber holds the strings. If she was truly irrelevant, Khloe wouldn’t have responded…

      2. Lol. Kim is sitting perched on the cover of Vogue. Exposing her kitty for Prada. Sitting next to Anna Wintour and the QUEEN at fashion shows.

        Amber is in a foreign country twerkin on random dicks for Instagram.


        If anyone is doing bimbo properly…’s Kim.

        Now let me be clear. I don’t care for either one of these chicks. At all. I’m just here to help ya’ll see the reality. I won’t let you turn Amber into some tragic figure. No. Absolutely not. lol


  3. At least Amber owns who she is and what she was.Kim tries to pretend that her sex tape is not one of the main reasons she is famous.She was just a friend of Paris Hilton and Brandy’s stylist pre release of sex tape.The sex tape made her famous and the reality show kept her famous.Releasing nude pics every other month doesn’t hurt.
    BTW I would love if Amber would discuss what she knows about Kanye and Riccardo Tisci’s “relationship”.

  4. He does realize that this “shape” he speaks of, that black women were born with right? And Kanye does his best PR. Always has. We feed right into it.

  5. And another thing…..if the wealthy want to make life better for middle and lower class…fashion aint the way to go. Dumb ass.

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