Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 3.47.49 PMif you were with a wolf like this,
do you think you would be sexless?
personally i would be ridin’ him right now…
anyway courtney “ll” burrell has taken his talents to acting.
he is in a minisode for a youtube show called “sexless”.
you can only imagine…

when he picked her up…
he was also in another webisode for the show called “chef julian”:

he is a handsome wolf with bawdy on fleek.
i loved his various shots with foto119: like he isn’t scared to push the envelope.
well lets hope we see more of courtney in the near future.

love scenes included.

watch more: black&

fotos taken: foto119

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “SEXLESS”

    1. He lost a lot, he had to get that Hollywood slim look because he was looking too thick on camera to model. I noticed that as well, he was thick when he first started out on youtube, but he was still living on the East Coast, and then he came to Hollywood and learned real fast, that you have to be skinny, in order to work in the industry, I have gotten used to him being this size but I remember when he looked more like a football player. He is nice either way.

  1. Honestly, you guys had me feeling like shit wondering why I can’t go month, even years without sex.

    Id be an unstoppable dude if I could!

    My theory is it’s easier for bottoms to go without. Yes you guys have sexual desires of course but several factors make it easier for you to cope.

    Lack of tops everywhere.
    Competition for the tops that are available.
    You guys don’t habitually use your penis during sex except to masturbate so without sex it’s still the status quo.

    My dick gets legit hard at least 3-5 times a day. Masturbation doesn’t get it after a while. Then you’re not bombarded with 5 different guys volunteering ass pics and their ass, especially if they know you smashed them good the last time. I’m lucky if I can go two weeks lol

      1. You see! LMAO

        You tryna get added to my booty cataloq in the dark corners of my iphone? LMAO j/k (not really)

  2. Damn he’s fine, but he got that booty I would love to surprise him when he’s asleep. But I been sexless for 4 yrs now and does it suck. YESSSSSS!

  3. This is my life. I don’t do “it”, until we’re official. It’s a self-worth thing… I always felt gutted once I finished sexing someone whom I’m not with. Yo, I have her beat though:

    I’ve been “sexless” since 2009. I promise, and I swear. (You all reading this can pick up your jaws now. LMAO.)

    1. ^im not judging.
      ive been sexless since 2011.
      it takes bravery to admit something like that.
      if im judge because im not trying to get caught up and have my ass walls down to my knee caps…

      then judge me.

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