Thomas Q. Jones Uses His Brain you know,
and should know,
i find the life of a baller wolf really interesting.
the nfl especially.
i like the aggression,
the lifestyle,
and the wall of muscle.
i’m all for it.
well what i didn’t realize is the other side to the coin.
everything in life has another side we don’t see.
well until something goes wrong.
in researching about thomas q. jones,
ex baller wolf and current star of “being mary jane”,
i came across an interview he had for
it was a revealing look into the dangers of being in the nfl and the brain injuries they face.
check this out…
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When His Foots Lands On Ya Head, Say Ya Brain Deads!

MIGUELSUEDour poor miguel.
things were all good about a month ago.
well that is before this happened…

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